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DollGa Noella Sleeping Discussion

Sep 1, 2007

    1. She's very pretty and I like her outfit. I checked out the website and the open eye version reminds me of Holly Hobby.
    2. With the right wig Noella its really pretty.

      I hope Dollga will start to sell clothes soon the clothes of the limited versions are beautiful.
    3. Does anyone have any owner pictures of Noella? I swear I've looked and I can't find them anywhere. :sweat She's such a cute girl too.
    4. Ai, Noella is so beautiful, sleeping and regular...but alas her price is far too high.

      I love that wig and that outfit, its beyond precious.

      *dreamy sigh*
    5. She is soo cute! She does look like chiwoo sorta, I think its the lips.
    6. Noella is quite elegant and beautiful, and the sleeping girl is lovely. I love Dollga girls, and the bodies look very interesting.
    7. Does anyone have any idea about resin matches for Dollga dolls? The sleeping Noella head would be perfect for an SD sized version of my May boy.
    8. Oh I do see the "baby Chiwoo" thing :) I think it's the rounded nose that looks similar. I think both Noellas are adorable, I would love to see more of them. The Dollga dolls are so charming.
    9. o__o Ahhhhh, crumpet!
      Here I'd decided I didn't need Ricca in doll form, since I couldn't find a doll that looked like her anyway...but now I have. -___-;
      Dagnabbit she's cute, though. :whee: I may need my little gate-opener after all....

      Oh and just a reminder--you really shouldn't hotlink pictures! Just put up a text link, not the image itself. ^_^
    10. Ohhh whoops. XP
    11. Looks like we overloaded their server. Did anyone get screencaps?
    12. I think both Noella and Ojallin are just gorgeous. I must have both the regular and sleeping Noella heads, and Ojallin. My house will oneday be full of Dollga love!
    13. Yeah, I did.
    14. Thats a really sweet girl!
    15. I have a sleeping head noella and awaiting for the other

      pics of her are over here
    16. I've posted some photos of Dollga Noella head with Dollinian body. They're a great match, and there're some more photos and info in this Link: