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DollGa's new Doll - Arien + Gavrion & Megrise option hands

Sep 18, 2008

    1. Ok, so finally the long wait is over...
      and DollGa didn't dissapoint me.
      GAH! You made a new doll that resembles Noella sculpt!
      Once again-- I'M DOOMED!

      (Just when I'm still having difficulty in sorting out my dolls)... :(



      ○ ○ ○

      Also, They have updated images of new hands
      both for Megrise and Gavrion types.


      "Veiny Hands of DOOM!":o

      --I'm kinda disturbed by this pair of Gavrion hands--
      the veins are very fat and visible--
      seems like the blood's gonna burst out any minuite... :sweat

      ○ ○ ○

      So, what do you guys think? :)
    2. She so beautiful and delicate looking, ahh I think I might want her! :D

      Yeah those super veiny hands kind of freak me out. :horror:
    3. Those hands are definitely freaky, but that girl....
      Ooooohhh~! She reminds me a lot of my Mabel.
    4. I'm on the same page as you about both items.

      Those can be your choking hands!!!!!!
    5. Wooow.. I've always loved Noella, but didn't quite like her in owner pictures. I'm wondering if it will be different for this girl~~
    6. Oh, she's very beautiful! :D

      Hurrrm, those Gavrion hands are a bit scary! O_O; I'm also a bit disappointed in the extra Megrise hands, they were selling those on the DollGa site months ago ... I was hoping for some cute curled/fist hands or something else ^^;
    7. Oh, I love her. I would hate to have to add another doll to the list though...it would be irresistable if they made a general release in whiteskin.
    8. girl is stunning :O
    9. Arien is very pretty - I like all the DollGa girls, they have very cute girly faces ^^.
    10. She is so cute <3! *WANTS*
    11. She so delicate and pretty.
    12. She's so beautiful!
      I was thinking about buying Noella, but now, I don't know wich one I like the most!
    13. I actually like the veiny hands. They're different that's for sure. :3 The hands alone made me change my mind about what doll I will eventually buy from leekeworld. X3
    14. On the site it says sold out, was the basic set limited edition or something? Or maybe is just not released yet? Either way I really am in love with her! <3
    15. Ooh, the girl and her hands are lovely.
      I would love the boy hands, but the veins aren't very subtle, are they? They might be good for the right kind of character, though.
    16. I actually went: "Aauuughhh!" out loud when I saw those hands xD

      Not good, not good.

      I like veiny hands... but SUBTLE veins :/
    17. as soon as i saw her i couldn't help but want her ;~;
      now i can't decide which dolls i want...
    18. For me the Gavrion fingers look round and delicate, those prominent veins are not appropriate =.=... perhaps if they made the fingers long and sharp + change hands postition (like grasping) then maybe it will look ok? ^^;;

      I'd like to see them post a blank head of Arien :)... anybody getting her?
    19. No wonder I couldn't find any pictures of her in the Gallery, she's just come out! I'm looking at getting a girl doll sometime... She's very, VERY tempting! But I'm not sure if it would look weird to have a white skin Lu-Wen next to a normal skin Arien... Still. :D She's very nice. I'd have to wait until they reopened the faceup option again. What do they mean, "face mask"?

      (I also went "AAAH!" at those super-veiny hands lol).
    20. just discovered Arien...wantwantwantwant her!! (grabby hands) IS she out yet? Anyone order her? Guess I need to start saving my pennies again...