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DollGa's new girl - BIBILIN Discussion

Nov 12, 2007

    1. honestly, i dun like what they did to their new girl. for me, it's like an ugly version of noella:doh ... and her face looks a bit odd to me.:sweat


      but still i like their new limited noella though:aheartbea


      ... well, just my 5 bucks... err, i mean 2 cents;)
    2. Noella is beautiful, I don't quite like Bibilin either...
    3. I like Bibelin, but Noella steals the show. I won't be oredering though since I have the twinset.
    4. Omg... that noella, just makes me love her even moooore ^_^... that sleeping head looks really nice too!

      Those wigs are love -faint-
    5. I love how cute Noella's face is...

      Bibilin is ok. I think she would fit a certain snobbish-chic character...
    6. i looked again at bibilin and realized that somehow i've been harsh on her :(...

      maybe if given the right face-up and outfit she would be at her best, coz i checked her head without face-up and she's quite ok :)...

      but right now, noella still has my vote! :D
    7. ~o~ I love all the Dollga girls ~

      Noella still is my favorite out of all of them though ~ I think that Bibilin has a lot of potential though!