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Dollgru#06 : Woo

Jun 16, 2010

    1. Dollgru#06 : Woo

      will be release in 23th-30th June.


      DollGru#06 – Woo : new edition, Limited
      -This #06 head is new version, the head is modified from old #06 head to be smaller and tidy than old version.
      -This head is limited, i’ll open preorder period for #06 head only this time.

      compatible with : SD13B, Luts SDF, infiniti.(compatible with 60-65cm body)
      Eyes size : 14-16mm
      Wig size : 9-10inch
      Skin color : normal(base on volks), white(base on Luts-delf white)

      >>Blank head<<

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