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[Dollgru] #08-#09 final order

Mar 23, 2011

    1. hello, :)

      today i open #08-#09 head : final order


      >>Shop info<<

      >>Order board<<

      compatible with : SD13G, SD13B , Luts SDF, Infiniti SID body
      Eyes size : 14-16mm
      Wig size : 9-10inch

      compatible with : SD17, Luts SDF-SSDF, Infiniti-SID.
      Eyes size : 14mm
      Wig size : 9-10inch

      #08-#09-#10-#11 will be re-release only once time in this year, 2011.
      and then they'll be "Sold". (i'll not open order of them again in future)

      #08-#09 order period : 24th-31st March 2011

      #10-#11 order period : 24th-31st May 2011

      *Orders will be take 4-6 weeks for making after payment period ended.
      *if you add face-up order, will be add 1-2 weeks for face-up progress please.

      Price : 130USD/blank head only
      Face-up : 40USD (can be face-up as pictures in gallery only) Eyelash&face-guard included.

      *The head price will be variable depend to the exchange rate.

      Thanks for your support.
      Have a nice day~ ^u^​
    2. Can you give the head measurement around for each head number if you have it? wig size basically.
      Also head 09 and 010 is is possible for them to fit on a volks SD10 body girl?
    3. TreeLore>> I added information already.^^
      for more information such as blank head and body comparison, you can see in >>Shop info<<

      #09 is possible to SD10 girl body, you can see picture in gallery >>#09 with SD10 girl body<<
      but for #10,he's bigger head than #09 so i prefer SD13 girl body.

      Thank you for your question.:)
    4. :) thank you 09 is so cute as a girl or a boy.
      So the SD13 girl body has a wider neck?
    5. Thank you.>w<,,
      I'm not sure about SD13G neck, i thinks they're a same.
      i know about height only, SD13G is taller than SD10G, a same height as SD10B body.