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DollGru#08 head-Voild : Release!

Apr 9, 2010

    1. DollGru#08-9inch head *OPEN preorder period*



      I please to present my new doll head -#08 : Voild-
      Preorder period for DollGru #08 head will be open on 15th-28th April 2010.

      DollGru#08 - Voild : 9inch head part
      compatible with: SD13B body, Luts- SDF,SSDF body, Infiniti-SID body.(62-70cm body class)
      Price : 130USD/ blank head
      Face-up option : 35USD
      (included eyelash and face-guard)
      >>Body&Skin Comparison<<

      if you interest, you can visit at my site.

      Thanks for visit.:aheartbea
    2. I fall in love with his face,it's so beautiful >________________<
      Please,can you tell me how much it cost?and if you can tell me too if it's that possible that you sell it with the same make up that wear in this photos and how much it cost with the make up.
      Thank you so much ^___^
    3. I'm interest in him very much ><
      his resin can compatible with dika n-yellow?
      thanks for your time and sorry for my poor english.
    4. Thanks you for all of interested.XD
      please be mind to place your question.:aheartbea

      KomatsuNana >> The head cost is 130USD/1 blank head.
      and for make-up, Make-up option is not avaliable in this time. Sorry.

      Freders >> I've a pair of dika-joint hands.
      i take a picture of them. left is Dollgru head cap, right is dika-joint hand/ n-yellow.
      DollGru - Dika skin comparison
      as you can see, dollgru skin is more peach tone than dika n-yellow skin,
      but when you see with bare eyes, they're more close tone.

      Hope it can help.:)
    5. Hi kappa~ Will this be the only release of #08 Voild, or will there be one more chance to get him and #06 Woo later?
    6. Hi gridbug,
      This preorder is only for #08 head. i'll open #06 head preorder in next time.
      sorry for incovenince.
    7. Do you have #08 blank head pics?

      (And I know this pre-order if for #08 only, but I'm curious to know if #09 head fits SSDF too)
    8. Hi, Wind_Barot
      You can see blank head pics in this page >>#08 Blank head<<
      #09 head is not compatible well with SSDF body. the head be looks floating on the body.
    9. Hello,

      I consider to open Face-up option for #08 head.
      if you want to order #08 head with face-up, you can note me when you place your order.
      i can do only face-up as in #08 gallery.
      Please understand, face-up maybe different from picture, because of hand-made.

      Face-up price: 35USD
      (include eyelash and face-guard)

      will take 1-2 weeks for face-up.

      have a nice day~!!
    10. Hello,

      Will the resin match popodoll resin?

      Also, i know this is an 08 thread but will there be an 09 release soon? ^^;;

      Thanks! :D