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DollGru#09-9inch head *2nd preorder period*

Jul 14, 2009

    1. Hello,

      2nd Preorder period for DollGru #09head will be open on 20thNov-5thDec.

      DollGru#09 : 9inch head part
      compatible with: SDboy, SD13G, SD13B body.(58-62cm body class)
      >>Body&Skin Comparison<<

      if you interest, you can visit at my site.


      More pictures in >>Gallery<<

      *Gallery update*

      Pre-order detail >>Shop<<

      Thanks for visit.:D

    2. Thanks you so much for my doll-discussion thread.>w< You're so lovely. :aheartbea

      for your question, I've no plan for him in the future, maybe i re-release him 1or2 times.(I'm so sorry that i can't confirm sale schedule.)

      so, i can tell you he's not limited.*lol*

      Thanks for your interest~!!:D
    3. Do you have any pictures of these heads being made? Precasting pictures?
    4. You mean you want to see my workshop? i've post it not much in my site.
      progess pic

      but if you want to see blank head, you can go to see at this link

      Sorry if i miss understanded. I've not well in english, but i try my best.^^;
    5. This may sound like and obvious question... but I couldn't find any info on price anywhere.... how much are you selling these lovely heads for?
    6. PadriacSleeps, seems the head is $110. ^_^

      kappaka, the head is lovely! I'm keeping a eye on him. :)
      Also, I know #06 was a limited sculpt, but are you considering ever doing a rerelease? He's such a goregous sculpt, I'd love to get my hands on him one day if possible. Just figured it was worth asking. :)
    7. Thanks a lot, Kaitan:aheartbea
      for #06 head, I've no fix plan for him. I'll send him to cast by company for sure but i must mod him a little bit.(such as nose, eye-lid etc.)
      Maybe i'll open #06 head's preorder in the future. i can't confirm, sorry.:sweat
    8. Body&Skin comparison page update :)

      >>More pics Here<<
      (with Lust-ssdf, SD13G, SD16G please visit this link)


    9. kappaka, which body would you say has the best resin match with the blank NS head? I don't mind modding a neck to make it work but I'd like to have an idea of which body to start saving for. :)
    10. Thanks for your question, kaitan:aheartbea

      i think the best resin match with NS head is Luts NS.
      It's very close, barely different when you see in person. (SSDF body which i've got is from Feb'2009, no-yellowed)
      you can see in this pic. (fluorescent light, no flash)
      i think the head is more suit with SDF body than SSDF body, no need to mod it's neck. but i've no one to take photo, sorry.:sweat

      for Dollcatch body.
      body is more pink undertone than head.(head is yellow-undertone)
      but looks very match with face-up head.

      Hope it's help.:)

      ps. me&my friend have only volks, luts and dollcatch body. so i can't tell about other companies.
    11. Now, pre-order period open~!:)

      and new pics in gallery:aheartbea
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    12. announce from Happy*Dolly website

      so, it's not possible to order her face-up. sorry:sweat

      Thanks so much for your question.:)
    13. Happy*Dolly face-up Slot for Thai ppl is closed too.:sweat
    14. kappaka>> Do you know if she will open her slots again in the future? :3 I quite like the looks and style she has given your heads. ^^ The effect is really lovely. 8D
    15. I asked her about that ^^
      this head is not limited and looks like maybe she re-sale Woo head again in the future too
      but she is not sure about the schedule
      =DDD *very happy* it's not limited, yay XD
    16. Thanks so much, Wind_Darot.:)

      about Happy*Dolly face-up slot, i don't know she'll open slot again or not.
      as you can see her waiting list, it's so long. at least until next year.
      I love her face-up style too.:D
    17. I missed this preorder, do you plan another release of #09 head? ;____; I am so sad that I just didn't know about this release :<
    18. 2nd Preorder period for DollGru #09head will be open on 20thNov-5thDec.
    19. Oh thank you!! I missed out on the first release of #09 and I kicked myself for it! I'm so glad you're opening up another preorder for him! I'm definitely getting him this time~!

      Will they still be $110 or has the price changed? ^_^ Also, is it true the Woo is scheduled for release? If so, when will that order be happening and is he limited? ^_^ Thanks so much.