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[Dollgru] #10-#11 final preorder

Jun 9, 2011

    1. hello, :)

      today i open #10-#11 head : final order


      >>Shop info<<

      >>Order board<<

      compatible with : SD13G, SD13B , Luts SDF, Infiniti SID body
      Eyes size : 14-16mm
      Wig size : 9-10inch

      compatible with : SD17, Luts SDF-SSDF, Infiniti-SID.
      Eyes size : 12-14mm
      Wig size : 9-10inch

      #08-#09-#10-#11 will be re-release only once time in this year, 2011.
      and then they'll be "Sold". (i'll not open order of them again in future)

      #10-#11 order period : 10th-17th June 2011

      *Orders will be take 6 weeks for making after payment period ended.
      *if you add face-up order, will be add 1-2 weeks for face-up progress please.

      Price : 130USD/blank head only
      Face-up : 40USD (can be face-up as pictures in gallery only) Eyelash&face-guard included.

      *The head price will be variable depend to the exchange rate.


      and for shipping schedule of #08-#09 head

      Now, First lot of #09 head has been shipped, only #09 normal skin.

      for #08 both NS/WS and #09 WS, is on the way from manufacture to me.

      i’ll ship them out when i received them asap.

      Thanks for your support.
      Have a nice day~!:aheartbea