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Dollgru heads Discussion!

Jul 14, 2009

    1. This news thread about Dollgru head #9 preorder was just posted: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=309287

      I think he's so cute! :aheartbea The other Dollgru heads are really cute too, but after a quick search of DoA it looks like there's never been a Dollgru discussion thread and there are very few Dollgru owners.

      So, here's a thread to talk about these pretty sculpts. :D

      (I, personally, am thinking about getting #9.)
    2. I like the #9 head; the shape of the eyes are my favorite! I would like to see Dollgru rerelease #4 Reiv. very cute and childish :D I've never heard of this company before, too bad they're sculpts are limited :( And that I spent all my monies on IOS heads :evil:
    3. Oh man, I took a look, and all those heads are gorgeous. *__*
      I would totally DIE if I could get my hands on a Woo. He's got little teefs! 8D Definitely do want. <333
      #9 is cute too, and I'd totally buy him if I had the money to do so. D:
      Maybe I can pick one up on the market later? ;_____;

      It sucks, though, that not a lot of people own these gorgeous heads.
      I'd love to see more photos of them.
    4. I do love her 09 head as well :D definitely will have to order some from her >v<
    5. I love the new head! I'm super interested in getting him but I'm on holiday during the sale period :...(
    6. Kogepan, thank you for starting this. if not i would have never noticed him. 09 is lovely. his lips are adorable.
      are there any collectors on the boards that have one of her sculpts? when i get the time i'll do a little search. i would love to see a woo if that's possible.
    7. I just placed order to Kappa for my #09, he really gorgeous and beatiful mold!!
      And I'm planing to get his body next couple of months. :)

      ps. and about "Woo" he is very limited number of sculp, Kappa release him in Thai BJD community, I don't know that when will her release him again.
    8. Oh~ that's sad to hear >3<'

      This 09 head looks very cool :D
    9. I definitely plan on getting the #09 head! He is absolutely perfect. I'm so glad the order period will be in August after I get back from my vacation xD
    10. I'm so totally ordering #9! I haven't fallen in love with a mold in months! Agh, I wished I knew this artist before!
    11. I'm not into big size BJD but I must admit this new head has a lot of charm ! It is a beautiful man !
    12. OH! still stunning since I saw him first at Thai BJD Community!
      Sadly, I cannot get him in this time.....wish I could back to Thailand soon T^T
    13. Fina&#65356;&#65356;&#65369;,order 09 head from kappa. I just realise that if I didnt order him I will definitely make a mistake ^^
    14. I really like head #09, especially his upper lip! I must keep those dates in mind, but I'm not sure I wll be able to order. We'll see.
    15. Oh wow! I...think I'm totally in love :fangirl:
    16. I'm soooo impressive with #09.

      Kappaka sent her #09's blank head pictures to me today.
      I just start look around and notice that 09 has a cute little teeth inside!
    17. I think we'd all love to see photos! :D
    18. 2nd-ed! I'm really leaning toward getting this head and more pics would really help decide that ^_^
    19. Um, sorry to be a n00b, but I've never ordered off a site that uses an order board orz I can't read Korean either.
      When you register on their site, what do you put in the &#51452;&#48124;&#46321;&#47197;&#48264;&#54840; field? I tried registering with it blank and I got an error in Korean :...(
    20. s0ra>> That would probably be the resident registration number field. It's something like the Korean equivalent of an identification number or social security number, I believe. The bit in asterisks just states that it will be encrypted so that the board manager doesn't have access to it, or something like that, if babelfish is to be believed. =_________=;;;

      To order, I don't think you actually have to sign up. You just click on the 'write' button and fill in the blanks like you would on a normal board (e.g. Luts' Q&A board) and mark it 'secret'. The order period doesn't seem to be open yet, though.

      (On a random note...hey, I see your icon!! 8DDD <3)