DollHeart and DoP pre-order at Angels cave: Closed.

Jun 16, 2009

    1. Im happy to say our DollHeart and Doll of Paradise pre-order for June is now up and ready! :)


      We are taking orders untill the 30th of June, and the Dollheart items will be shipped towards the end of August/Beginning of September. With the DoP items being shipped mid July time.

      If you have any questions please PM me, or email me at the Angels Cave shop! :aheartbea
    2. Just to remind everyone, only five more days for this pre-order.
      Ordering closes on the 30th June at Midnight (UK time)

      LPF: Thank you so much! We try our best. :D
    3. Last day for ordering! The deadline is midnight tonight (UK time)

      Thank you so much for all your orders so far!