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Dollheart clothes on Angell Studio dolls

Jul 28, 2008

    1. I've got a question about dollheart clothes and Angell-Studio Dolls.
      Does anyone know if the dollheart clothes fit Angell -Studio 1/3 dolls. There are quite a few outfits that I want from them. But I would like to know if they will fit. So if someone has any Dollheart clothes and Angell-Studio dolls could you please post pictures up or tell me if they fit/not fit, I would be truly grateful!
      Please help, thank you~
    2. I have Angell Studio Lucifer. I am waiting on his outfit from Angell Studio. I also have ordered an outfit from Dollheart on preorder. Once I receive them both I will check fits and post photos :) I belive the DH should be here in September about the same as my AS outfit.
    3. Thank you:3
    4. I finally got my Dollheart Blood Sucker outfit. I am hoping to get some photo's of him today. I will post soon.
    5. All right it took me a little time but I finally got around to getting those photos.
      Dollheart clothes fit my Angell Studio Lucifer perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better fit. And the quality is amazing.