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Dollheart Competition Entries are up

Mar 19, 2005

    1. :D wow i can not wait to vote they all are stunnning i wish i could do that
    2. So did anyone from DOA actually enter? :o
    3. Me!!!!! ^_^ Mel(issa) and Colleen I believe
    4. For me I love the first two!! fantastic and playful

      All the individual parts are fun on each of the first two. Also I am partial to girls!!

    5. Oh, I wish I'd entered....I had a really great MSD design, and it looks like there weren't many entries in that category. Oh well - it's too bad.
    6. I entered. And i got in the vote. I did "The Detective". I mostly did it for design practice though, i don't care if i win. I don't even HAVE a 60cm boy. (though if i won it would be a good excuse to buy one. heh) Everyone's designs are so nice!Whoever wins will deserve it.

    7. Please note that you can click the "Vote Here" for choosing your favourite designs (^^
    8. Yeah, I was actually surprised I made it at all.
      Though I doubt I'll make it out of the MSD section when compared to that colorful Japanese design..

      I was wondering why there are so few entries in MSD.. were there ONLY three? or were they picked?
    9. Not many MSD entry. we have only received 5 entry for MSD and all of them are theme 1....
    10. I know I did! If you know where I've been lately, it's pretty easy to guess which ones on the voting page are mine ^^'
    11. Has the competition been cancelled? Results and the links no longer exist...
    12. Yeah, the link no longer works and I can't seem to find anything linking to it from the actual site...
    13. Dear all,

      Since our website have someproblem, the link of the competition are temp. down at this moment. We arenow trying to fix it (^^;;

      The deadline of the voting will be the end of Apr.,2005.

    14. Will the winners design be made to sell??? That would be so cool!
    15. The appropiated design will be chosen as Commerical purpose. The Designer name will be shown in our websie also (^^
    16. I voted for your fallen princess! GREAT JOB! I think your's is the best!
    17. when will the winners be announced?
    18. what happened to this?
    19. The Winner will be announced at the end of this May,2005 (^^