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Dollheart Golden Fer - available only at GoGaDoll!

Mar 28, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Presenting a GoGaDoll Exclusive
      DollHeart GOLDEN FER for SD10/13 Girls
      Limited to 40 Sets

      Everyone is familiar with DollHeart's exceptional quality BJD clothing. Now, we are excited to present a fashion designed exclusively for the Golden Gate Ball Jointed Doll Association Convention and only for registered attendees.

      Golden Fer by DollHeart commemorates GoGaDoll's inaugural convention taking place on June 19-21, 2009. The dress is made in a never before used golden color and comes wih coordinating coat and accessories. Please note the very first extra special designer touch--gold tone buttons!


      Available only to registered convention attendees. Priced at $98.55 which includes CA sales tax (paypal payments to add 2.8% unless outside of US, then it is 4%). Two ways to purchase:
      1. Paid in full and may be picked up during the convention.
      2. Accepting a non-refundable deposit of $25, with the balance to be paid and pick-up made during the convention.

      Don't wait until the GoGaDoll convention to purchase this extra special fashion.
      Being limited to only 40 sets, worldwide, it is likely to be sold out before the event.
      Please PM snowleopard or nathankatt with your order and email address you used with your Convention application, and we will confirm your registration.
      Also check out the convention website at www.GoGaDoll.com

      More pictures of the Golden Fer here at http://dollheart.com/web/shop/clothes/1013g/ld296/ld296.html
    2. Hello! We are doing our best to respond to everyone, so please be patient!
      Remember, this set is available ONLY to GoGaDoll participants at this time!
      I will start a wait list for people who are not attending, but you will not know the outcome and availability of this outfit until AFTER June 21st. Please do not send a deposit if you are on the wait list.
      Thanks for all of your interest!
    3. UPDATE! Already more than 25% of the Golden Fers have been spoken for! Register for the Convention and put in your reservation now to avoid missing out on this special fashion!:D
    4. For GoGaDoll registrants - don't fret, there are still Golden Fers available! Payment in full or a deposit will be accepted with pickup at the convention! This is just another good reason to attend GoGaDoll!
      We are also putting together a wait list of people not going to the event who want this outfit. Please PM me with your name and country where you are located - this chance is being offerred to DOA readers exclusively! You will be notified after June 21st if sets remain to be sold - first come first served on this list!
    5. There are still Golden Fers available, guaranteed delivery at GoGaDoll, to registrants of the convention!
      Plus, we are still taking names of people who want this outfit but can't attend, to be put on the waitlist - no other venue has been notified of this outfit except for DOA and our website at www.GoGaDoll.com!

    6. UPDATE! Half of the 40 Golden Fers have been claimed! It's an extra special BJD fashion that your doll will be sad to miss! Register now for GoGaDoll and claim one for your BJD!:daisy
    7. UPDATE! Each Golden Fer will have a specially woven label hand sewn into the coat. The label will show the Fer's affiliation to the GoGaDoll Convention, the date, and the event's location!


      The cloth label is black cloth and the words are woven in shiny gold thread!
      This is an EXTRA SPECIAL touch to an already special BJD fashion! Don't miss out on it!
    8. There are only a few sets left unclaimed!
      GoGaDoll registrants get first chances at these wonderful Dollheart creations!
      Book your registration and hotel at www.GoGaDoll.com