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Dollheart grab bags

Dec 25, 2006

    1. from Dollheart:
      [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
      There are pictures you can click on on the main shopping page of their website --> here <-- but it doesn't tell you what's in it, of course ;)

      ...What I'm wondering is how long they'll be up, because I just don't have the funds right now... :...(

      ...EDITed to add:

      For those for whom this is happy news... you're welcome, glad I could help! ^___^

      And if you post anything other than news in this thread it'll probably get deleted ^^;; I think three messages have dissappeared from here already... so be warned...
    2. Did this event happen last year? Does anyone know if it's a limited quantity or a limited time period? It doesn't say so I'm assuming it's quantity...?
    3. I got two of these grab bags, zero woot ones though.... bummer.

      Does anyone know how long shipping normally takes? They only would take paypal as a echeck so that will probably be a week before I get mine.
    4. I bought two bags and didn't have to use an e-check..shipping was only 10.50.
    5. I got three bags and shipping was only $10.50 too.. shame I don't have any msd size girls, or I would have got that one too.. but i dont think dollheart MSD stuff will fit sharmin or alice :<

      I saw some on ebay, but they only had MSD sizes left.... so if you want SD size ones, you will have to go to the dollheart website... that counts as news doesn't it??? They also took normal paypal

      Seek peace

    6. I finally emailed them to ask them how long they will be selling the fukubukuro, and this is their reply:

    7. As a reminder, please keep the chatting out of the news forum and in the General Discussion forum. Thank you!