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DollHeart Internation BJD Fashion Design Competition 2005

Oct 11, 2005

    1. Dear all,

      All 8 winners and nominee 's design have been launched and they can be pre-ordere now. Please come to http://www.dollheart.com/shop/comp.htm :grin:

      By the way, DollHeart Internation BJD Fashion Design Competition 2006 will be ready soon. Hope you will enjoy them :oops:

      Please let me know if you have any question.
    2. Please come to our website for detailed photos since i dunno how to link the photo to our website :(

    3. OMG~!!!

      :: runs to the site ::
    4. Oh..i posted on the thread already..hehe Ah well i will post here as well :P I love all of them!! Sadlynone of them suit my sd13 boy :P But they are gorgeous!!! I am super excited to see that they will be doing a 2006 competition also!! WooHooo!! I can't wait! I will definitely be getting in on that!!

    5. thank you pasulau for showing us such temptation that I could not resist.

    6. They are all really wonderful! I've been updating my wesbite since Pasu sent the email tonight (still a few more to add)....

      Also some NEW boots and shoes for our girls and boys (MSD/DOD) too!

      Please see my site for the NEWEST Doll Heart releases for pre-order:


      Thanks for looking!!
    7. *yawn*

      oops, been a long day - I meant to type Oct. 28

      all updated with correct date of Oct. 28

      (thanks for noticing my errors)
    8. Wow. Those outfits look great! What wonderful job of creating the outfits from the sketches!!! Oh... how tempting they all are!!!!!! :o *_* :D
    9. That's great!
    10. Wow! Everyone's designs look so awesome! I think I'm in love with all the cute shoes especially! The curly toed Kala shoes are so friggin cute!

      I love you Doll Heart ;_;
    11. Anyone wanna split the outfit on the Bee-a? =D I would like the shoes and would pay a decent price for them!
    12. T.T i want the plushie
    13. These are incredible!!!! :D Thanks to Dollheart for offering such a WONDERFUL contest!!!! I love the result! Had to order one!!! (Wish I could have ordered more!!!)

    14. Where do I find the rules for the 2006 contest? ^^
    15. I'm also hoping they put them up soon...
      I'm really excited; i really want to partake in next year's one.
    16. PasuLau & DollHeart,

      You did such a fabulous job! ^_^ Beautiful photographs and styling~ Thank you for this opportunity that you have made for all designers!
    17. I can't wait to join in the next one! I love designing clothes
    18. Oh NOOOOO! I like them ALL! I should just sign over my paycheck right now and get it over with.