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DollHeart International BJD Fashion Design Competition 2006 - Entry Form

Dec 28, 2005

    1. Dear all, (^^

      I am pleased to announce that the entry form of DollHeart International BJD Fashion Design Competition 2006 is ready. Please check the info and download the entry form by this link:

      http://www.dollheart.com/news/DH2006Competition.pdf .

      Abstract about the competition:
      A) ~60cm Ball Joint Doll
      1.) Apocalypse
      2.) Tarrots
      3.) Love & Peace
      B) ~43cm Ball Joint Doll
      1.) Revolution of school
      2.) Fantasy
      3.) Samurais
      C) ~23cm Ball Joint Doll
      1.) Fairy Tale
      2.) Monster
      3.) Dessert

      All entrants can submit totally THREE designs per class among Nine classes.

      CLOSING DATE: Entries close at 5:00pm Apr 14th, 2006.

      Haute Doll Magazine will co-operate with us for this competition, the Top 3 designs (@class) in round 2 will be posted on DollHeart's Website (www.DollHeart.com) and Haute Doll Magazine (www.HauteDoll.com) and for Public Voting which is counted as 30% score of the competition.

      Prize: Winners of each class will get:
      1)1 set of real outfits which is under their designs when the products are launching officially.
      2)Designer's name will also appear on the Designers Section at the same time.
      3)DollHeart will co-operate with them for the further project.

      Thank You , Haute Doll Magazine (^^
    2. Please let me know if u have any question (^^
    3. On all of these, could one design a boy or a girl's outfit? Or are you looking for both?
    4. is this illustration of designs only or do we need to sew a prototype for photographing?

    5. Thank you for your question (^^
      Actually, you can send us both boy and girl or just 1 (Boy or Girl) are also no problem. :)
    6. Since we are focusing on the concepts of the designers, thus, just send us the illustration of designs with detailed description are enough :)
    7. do you have to be 18 or older to enter?
    8. This competition are opened to all ppl with no limitation of age.
    9. So to my understanding, you can submit 3 to each category, right? So, altogether you can submit 27 entries.

      I'm not doing that but I would like to submit more than one entry ^_^;;
    10. ...*ridiculous planning begins* There are others much more talented than me that would benefit from this...

      Any preferred medium for submissions? Is computer-coloured work ok, or must they be real media like pencils/paint/marker?

      Also, how many submissions to each catagory? If it's three like Miisha asked, that means 9 total for the SD catagory?

      Also, am I right in assuming "Tarrots" is Tarot cards? Or am I completely missing something? (I miss things often, as I'm very short and things just float right over my head)

      Thank you!
    11. Yes, you can submit 27 entries maximum :)
    12. Just because Im not sure, is tarrots like Tarot? like the cards? sorry for the silly question.
    13. oh wow. this might be quite fun! *^_^* i already have one haute couture rendering that i did for a design class this past semester. now how to incorporate it into the themes. :(

      will there perhaps be some examples to clarify theme interpretations? to be exact, how broad to read and the like?
    14. hmm.. does "Revolution of school" mean a school uniform or something? >__<;;
    15. those of you who are considering entering, you might want to look at past winning entries, and compare them to the "themes" that dollheart gave for them. that should give you a basic idea on how wide the range is.

      This is great! I hope to actually try to enter this time!
    16. Actually, I like both CG and real media :) So, it does not matter :)
      Yes, the maximum is 9 for SD catalogory. :)

      "Tarrots" = Tarot Cards :)
    17. Since i don't want to set too much limitation to designers for the theme, thus, designers just let me know what is their concept about out theme by the "description" section is ok :) I want to be a listeners to all designers about their concept :)
    18. yay, this sounds like so much fun :D *starts drawing right away* uhm..does the difficulty of the design matter? I usually draw/make really detailed/pretty hard to sew costumes..is that allowed or would it really narrow my chances?
    19. I only have one question:

      23cm cathegory; which kind of doll is? Petite/Leeke/cutie? Smaller?
    20. Ah, I'm so glad you're running this contest again!

      Just a question, though:

      Does DollHeart lay legal claim to all the designs submitted?

      Specifically, if I submit a design that doesn't win, will I still own the design to make myself afterwards should I chose to?

      Thank-you very much. ^_^