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DollHeart International BJD Fashion DEsign Competition - Winners Announcement

Sep 20, 2006

    1. Sorry for the delated announcement. n(_ _)n

      Please click the following link for checking the result :)

    2. Since some winners maybe cannot receive the below email(Rejected by email 's anti-bulk mail service), thus, i post it here:
      2006/09/23 - Congratulation!

      Dear designers ,

      Thank You for joining Dollheart International BJD fashion design competition. I am so happy to tell you that your fastistic designs is the winners of our designs competition (^^

      I am so sorry about the belated announce because of our heavy work recently such as HongKong Doll Festival, Japanese Adv., .... Please accept my apologize. n(_ _)n

      All of your talented designs will be start developed on Oct,2006 and it should come out Jan/Feb,2007. So you will receive your prize around that time. Therefore, please let us if you will change your shippment address by email to info@Dollheart.com

      Once again, thank you for participate our events. Hope you will enjoy it (^^

      Pasu Lau

      * All our items are based on SD Model, another company 's doll can wear our items if they have a SD compatible size.