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Dollheart June pre-order at Featherfall and Items Re-stock

Apr 18, 2008

    1. Preview of June Items from Dollheart!


      These are now up on our site.
      For SD 13:

      Pirate Land ( LD-191)


      High Profile (LD-205)

      Mr. Devil ( LD-190)

      For SD 10/13:

      Black Sakura (LD-204) [​IMG]

      Ruby Maid ( LD-193)

      Obsidian Maid (LD-196)

      For MSD:

      My Sweet Rabbit ( MD-54)

      ALSO! PLEASE NOTE! BUDDY Doll revamped their M-body for extra mobility - arms now have double joints! He's available now.


      We have also re-stocked in New Guessdoll and Urban Pixie designs, as well as have assorted new Fantasy fashions.

    2. I posted on your forum some days ago, I just want to know if your prices are in USD?????

    3. Hi Amiko-
      Yes, they are. If you are in Canada, there's a button on our site to see what the CDN equivalent would be.