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Dollheart: Mini Fer in Pale Green, BATCH 2 READY TO SHIP!!!

Sep 10, 2008

    1. UPDATE 2:

      The scond batch of mini Fers are now on the site and READY TO SHIP!
      You can find them here: http://www.angels-cave.co.uk/clothesshop.html

      We at Angel Unlimited are pleased to offer you all the new mini Dollheart Fer in "Light Green"



      EDIT: Over half gone, there is not many left. Please let us know as soon as possable if you wnat one.

      EDIT!: The first batch has arived and will be shiped midweek. Everyone who has one on order will be e-mailed when the Fer has been shiped. Please let me know if there is any questions.

      Thank you!
    3. Please note: the deadline for the September pre-order is Midnight tonihgt (UK time) If you wanted to make an order now is the time to do it ^_~
      Thank you for all the orders so far.

      Update on the Fers: We still have a few instock, but we will be taking down the orders very soon for this batch, so please let me know if you want one.
    4. :D
      Thank you to all who have orderd with us, both the Fer pre-order and the September pre-order are now closed!

      For all who have orderd with us, please email me with any questions at any time. ^_^
    5. UPDATE and BUMP:

      The first batch of mini Fers has now arived with us. We will be shiping them out midweek, and everyone who has an order will be e-mailed to let them know its been shiped ^_^

      We do have a small amount avlable in the scond batch and the ordering for these will go up soon. We will be taking photos of the light green fers on some of our own dolls, to give you a better idea on the colour. ^_^

      If you have any questions please let me know.
    6. All the Fers have now been shiped! Everyone should get an email about this soon.
      Please let us know when they get to you. ^_^

      We are working on geting a website up and runing to amke ordering easyer, I'll update this when we go live.
    7. UPDATE!

      The newest Dollheart pre-order is now up and ready on Angel Unilimteds new shop site, Angles Cave.
      All the items can be found here: http://www.angels-cave.co.uk/Preordersshop.html

      The second batch of light green Fers are here and will be up very shortly. Thank you!
    8. :doh
      Update: I forgot to add the dates for the newset pre-order! Im very sorry every one!!:sweat

      Date are:
      Taking orders until: Midnight, (Uk time) Sunday 26th October.
      Items are shipping approx: Late december 2008 - January 2009.

      And we do still have Fers instock! :aheartbea
    9. UPDATE:

      All pre-order orders must be in tomorrow, midnight UK time. Thank you all for your orders. ^_^

      There ARE still a few Fers left as well!
    10. UPDATE!

      October Pre-Order now CLOSED! Thank you again for your orders!


      We still have a few to sell! They are instock and ready to ship! ^_^
    11. With the curent credit "crunch" we have decided to offer up 5 Fers on a 3 month layaway.

      The layaway will work like this: Fer + shiping = £53.50
      None refundable deposit = £8.50
      3 monthly payments after that of = £15

      All you need to do is PM me with: Your real name and forum name
      Home address/ Shiping address
      Paypal Address

      Its first come offer, so get your PM's in! I'll be cheaking the time stamps on the PM's and I'll let you know if you have one. If you dont hear anything then Im sorry you didnt get in.

      If this works out well, we may offer it again, but we dont have many of them left. All prices are in UK pounds.

      For a few photos of them, take a look at our shop listing of them!
    12. Update:

      3 places left on the layaway. ^_^
    13. Charlie, is the included shipping cost for World Wide shipping?
    14. Thanks for your question!
      Yes it is, we have got the flat rate down to world wide shiping. Sadly this does not include the recorded shiping as in the UK it costs about an extra £3.50. :sweat
      If you did want the tracing and you are willing to pay the extra we can do this for you, we just wanted to make it as cheap as possable for everyone. ^_^
    15. UPDATE!

      Now just 2 places left on the layaway.
    16. UPDATE:

      All the spaces on the layaway are now taken, thank you so much. ^_^

      Fers are still up on our site though. ^_~