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DOLLHEART Mini sized Crimson Fer! Last SD Purple Fer Re-release

Sep 6, 2008

      The Crimson Fer Re-release is coming! On December 26th they will go on sale on the site!

      They will ship out to customers on January 9th!!


      New Unoa Sized Dollheart FER!!

      Featherfall's exclusive, the Crimson Fer is made to fit Unoa and slim MSDs. (there's a couple of comparison threads on DoA, so you can see how the Unoa sized fer will fit on other MSD sized dolls.

      Payment is immediate. Unfortunately we do not do layaway on LE items.

      Here are some actual customerphotos, and Dollheart's promo ones for all Unoa Fer.



      Shipping is via airmail -carries insurance but no tracking, so please inquire about shipping upgrades if you require it.
    2. Will this fer be for 60cm? Or is it also available in MSD size? Sorry for my ignorant question...:sweat
    3. Hi Aiko-

      Victorian pink is only available for SD.
      We do have plans for an MSD fer later this year, but it will not be in this colour.
    4. These are all for SD sized dolls ( SD 13 in the case of the boys):
      Royal Purple, Antique Lace and Victorian Pink.

      Unoa/ Slim MSD sized:

      Crimson ( to be released on Halloween, 2008)

      [Edited with info on the various sizes.]
    5. UPDATE - this is for a DIFFERENT, NEW FER release -- in UNOA size.

      This is a NEW announcement, which is why its being bumped, as we were ask to just re-use all threads. ^_~
    6. What time will the crimson fer be available for purchase?

    7. Hi Midori and Meow-

      We can't give an exact time, our apologies.
      However, for approximate times:
      We are located in Vancouver, the west coast of Canada, and our hours are 9am-5pm.
      Our releases are usually done in the morning. Hope that helps!
    8. To clarify, since we've gotten quite a few questions:

      Crimson Unoa size fer will go on sale on Halloween - though there is an earlier newsletter pre-sale on the 10th.

      "SOLD OUT" is just the way our cart lists it until its available for sale. Actual information is all on the listing, and we are happy to answer any questions.
    9. Again - Unoa Crimson Fer release is on public sale is on October 31st and the rest of the Crimson fer will be available then.
      Its NOT sold out, that is simply the way the cart displays it until its ready to launch.

      YES, the FreeShipping coupon applies -- however, you HAVE to :

      -Be in Northamerica
      -Have an order of $150 or more before taxes, shipping
      -input it at the time of ordering, as we cannot apply it retroactively
    10. The Fall re-release of the Purple Fer is here! E

      The Fall re-release of the Purple Fer is here!
      Limited quantities of this fer are HERE and ready to ship! :) We will also be listing at the same time the Victorian Pink Fer that were left for local shows.
      It will be on the same date as the Unoa/ slim msd sized crimson fer, HALLOWEEN OCTOBER 31st, 2008.

      Customer photos, used with permission. :)

      Royal Purple FER


      Victorian Pink Fer:

      (Very limited quantities of this one, as they were the ones reserved for local events and there will NOT be a re-release once they are all gone.

    11. Just a heads up, since we've been getting questions -
      These will all be released sometime in the morning; our hours are 9am - 5pm Vancouver time.
      We -do- send a notification through the newsletter when it goes live - however, your best bet is to be refreshing the site, since for some reason even if suscribed some people are not getting the newsletter. We've looked into the problem but its not on our end - rather certain mail services blocking the newsletter as mass mailings/ spam.

      There are -literally- only handfulls of the SD fer -once they are gone, they are gone. We can't put any on hold, and we will not be accepting money orders for them -- as in the past month we have had over a dozen orders placed/ items held -- for payments that were never sent. We regret that a few bad apples spoiled it for the rest, but feel its only fair to our customers who might miss out on an item because someone checked it out with no intention of ever paying for it.

      The one exception - if you HAVE placed one or more money order orders with us successfully, you already have an established track records. We will accept money orders like we do layaway, on a case by case basis. Hope this helps, and good luck!
    12. The Fer are now live on the site.

      We hope that all that wanted them are able to get one!
      SD: Victorian Pink, Antique Lace and Royal Purple and Unoa/ slim MSD Crimson Fers are now on the site.

      Happy Halloween!
    13. Much to our surprise, Dollheart has just notified us that the Crimson Fer and on their way to us!
      As they weren't supposed to be ready for another month, that thwarts our plans for drop shipping, so our apologies for that option not being available.
      The good news, however, is that they should be here in a week or so, and then quickly on their way to you!

      If you didn't snag one, there's still a handful on the site right now - even a couple left of the SD ones!
    14. EDITED DECEMBER 7th:
      The Crimson Fer Re-release is coming! On December 26th they will go on sale on the site!

      They will ship out to customers on January 9th!!
    15. A reminder - the limited re-release of the MSD Crimson fer is tomorrow, December 26th - don't miss out on the Boxing Day specials that will also go live at the same time-- and if you have a coupon you've received throughout the year, now its definitely the time to use it. :)

      Happy holidays!
    16. The MSD Crimson Fer are now live on the site for their 2nd (and last) release. :) You can combine it with some of the boxing day specials -- if it gets to over $150 its free shipping in Northamerica, so don't forget to use the FreeShipping coupon at the time of ordering, as we cannot do it retroactively.