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Dollheart - New Items

Sep 5, 2004

    1. This thread is for posting Dollheart new items as they are released. This is for shoes, wigs and clothing. Please post the item's name, size (i.e. larger, mini, etc), price, and color if there is more than one. If possible, please also provide a direct link to the item.

      Please ONLY post updates to this information, rather than chat or discussion. For the News Forum posting rules, click here.
    2. Love love Dollheart. Their service is excellent.

      I took my Cyndy to their shop the other day and Yip (who's such a sweet, considerate and patient girl) helped me try on the Blue Berry outfit. My Cyndy couldnt be happier with such attention and fuss.

      Just for your info, with the SD size Blue Berry outfit, you can take off the white sleeves attached to the puffed sleeves. They are attached with wee tiny buttons (hidden), soooo cute. I didnt notice but Yip pointed this out to me. So you have two styles in one dress.

      I ended up getting the MSD size one too for my Elsie. I took some photos but with a conventional auto cam so I couldnt post the pix yet.

      Gee, Dollheart is becoming my favourite hangout.
    3. Does anyone know how the shoes fit Soah or Ryung as the shoes are absloutely to die for, I haven't even looked at the clothes.
    4. You might want to post a request fot measurements of particlur shoes in the larger dolls area.

      I've noticed a big size difference in all of the boys SD13 shoes I've gotten. One pair is really roomy on both my SD13 and Bermann, probably an easy fit for a D.O.T. foot. The girls shoes may run the same way, depending on the style.
    5. Ooh! Some of those boots would be perfect for my girl. Does anyone know if Dollheart SD10/13 girl boots fit a Souldoll Clara?
    6. they have new YoSD shoes too...! so many cute shoes!
    7. I expect the boots ought to fit Clara--I haven't heard that she has a very large or a very small foot.

      My Ryung has a pair of Dollheart boots that fit her large feet.

      Ann in CT
    8. I would be very careful when it comes to buying shoes for Souldoll Clara. On a French forum and in a thread somewhere on DoA, many people have had a difficult time finding shoes for her. Her feet aren't necessarily bigger, but they are definitely wider. Case in point, Clara could not wear _any_ of the Luts shoes I bought for her.

      I have a pair of white SD-sized girl boots (like the ones that Boudicca posted but SD-sized), and they fit her fine due to the overall width of the shoe. However, Luts sized shoes will not fit her at all (though I haven't actually purchased any Luts boots, just their regular shoes, etc.). >_< Her foot doesn't "taper" as other companies'.

      I'm not sure how consistent the sizing for DollHeart shoes is... Or who they use as a model. I don't mean to jack the thread, but I just wanted to give people a heads up in case they plan on buying for their Souldoll girls.
    9. How come they have stuff on ebay that isn't on their site? some of the msd boots are only on ebay!
    10. They usually put all of their new releases on Ebay first and add them to the DollHeart site a couple of days later.

      The black SD13 boy boots they just listed are selling down really fast. They'll probably be gone by tomorrow.

      Edited to say:
      Whoa, those boots are gone already!
    11. Dollheart just posted some new shoes: http://www.dollheart.com/

      The first pair is sooo cute! Thinking about getting them for my girl :)
    12. i found these in DollHeart website, but i cannot find the "add to cart" button. Anyone know how to pre-order them? Seem they will launch a series of asian fashion


      some asian shoes also:
    13. I have found the MSD shoes don't fit Volks msd. However they will the unoa girls I have though I bit loose.
    14. Any updates? They are still not for sale - I did see a few of these on ebay and wonder if the entire series has already sold out on ebay and I just missed the ones I wanted....Alex
    15. I have found some lovey YO-SD Boots on Ebay ^o^
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      So Cute, I love it!!!

      You can see the other new shoes on Ebay:

      I also found there some new wigs on Doll Heart Ebay Store*O*

      Oh~~Doll Heart finally released wigs for boy~~
    16. WOW thats different the two shoes shown with the wings are YO-SD boots!! looks like they dont have them for MSD size.

      Can you add to your subject Mori Moth MSD !! Doll heart has a new doll section that sells peaks wood including New Mori Moth.