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DollHeart News - Man Season 's eBay 's issues.

Mar 15, 2006

    1. Dear all,

      Recently, some of our products in eBay have been counted as Listing Violation since the banner 's link to DollHeart.com have not been removed.

      The products have been closed by eBay and some of the customers cannot pay the money for finishing the Transcation.

      I am apologizing to the customers which have been messed by this issues and I want to clarify the solution about these products:

      1.) If you have BIN (Buy It Now) these products and have already paid, just don't worry, the items will be sent to you.
      2.) If you have BIN (Buy It Now) these products but have not been paid, since eBay have already closed these listing, thus you are not able to pay the previous listing. DollHeart have already upload the new listing to eBay, thus, you can just BIN your previous targeted items and paid :)
      3.) If you are interesting about these products and cannot bought them because of eBay Listing Violation, you can now come to www.DollHeart.com or come to our eBay 's store for purchasing :)

      Once again, i am sorry about the mess which we have caused.

      FYI, below are the new products of our Man Season, please come to www.DollHeart.com if you are interested :)
      <Banner have been linked>
    2. The new wigs will be launched on next weeks, please keep an eys on www.DollHeart.com :)