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DollHeart Pre-Order April at Angels Cave-Closed

Apr 10, 2009

    1. The April Pre-Order items from Dollheart are now in the shop! Items will be available for order until 30th April 2009. Details on how to order can be found on the Pre-order page.

      Link: http://angels-cave.co.uk/Test/wordpress/?page_id=311

      If you have any questions please email us, or PM me here :D

      This pre-order is now Closed. Thank you too all that orderd. ^_^
    2. UPDATE:
      All the links to the shoes should now be working. Sorry about the wait everyone, we got set back thanks to the holidays. ^_^
    3. Just a reminder, only 10 days left for this order.
    4. Four days left on this pre-order, please let us know if you want anything, and thank you all so far for your orders! :D
    5. Two days left on this months pre-order. Jut a little time left :D
    6. Ordering is only open untill midnight (UK time) tonight.
      If you want anything please let me know. :D

      And just a reminder, can you eamil your orders to contact@angels-cave.co.uk as I dont take PM orders anymore. (it just makes it easyer to keep track of everything if its one place)