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DollHeart pre-order at Angels Cave. We ship worldwide. CLOSED

Sep 12, 2009

    1. Hello again DoA! :)
      Angels Cave is pleased to anounce that we are again running this months DollHeart pre-order. This month includes some wonderful outfits, as well as some super cute Christmas outfits!
      Orders are being taken untill the 30th Sept, with a shipping of Nov/Dec.

      You can find our page here: http://angels-cave.co.uk/Test/wordpress/?page_id=311

      If you have any questions please PM me here, or mail the shop and I'll get back to you. :bcake

      Sneeky peek!

      And in other news: We are now extending our layaway on all dolls to four months!
    2. Please note: As Angles Cave is in the UK, there is no custioms fees on anything we ship out to the EU. If anyone has any questions about this, please just PM me and I will try to help. :D
    3. Just ten more day left on this order!
      Please just PM me if you have any questions at all. ^_^
    4. Five days left for this pre-order.
      Thank you all for your orders so far! ^_^
    5. Last day for ordering is today.
      All orders need to be in by midnihgt UK time.
      Thank you all for your orders so far. :D