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DollHeart Preorder at Doll Peddlar

Nov 11, 2009

    1. PreOrder Period ends Nov. 28 for delivery late January 2010. DollHeart items plus the new Essence of Doll Heart - Fukubukuro selling price $59.90 with guaranteed value of $120-$140.

      "Fukubukuro project, we will cross over all of our items from wigs, clothes and shoes in order to make it as a funny event. The Fukubukuro will be divided by their size.

      Note: A Fukubukuro is a selection of random items sent out by the manufacturer. The items are bought in a specific size but the customer does not select style, content or colour, it is a mystery bag of goods. The items are only guaranteed to have a certain retail value, please ensure you understand the nature of this event before ordering. "

      New Outfits include:
      Acid Rock Ld - 328
      Poison LD-320
      Arouse Ld-297
      Blue Rock LD 347
      Addict LD-352
      Rural Girl LD-309
      Madeira Time LD- 318
      Indulgent Girl LD 313
      Cherry Lucy MD-99

      Email us or call! and Thanks.