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Dollheart Tea melody

Apr 8, 2008

    1. For those of you who missed out on the tea melody outfit, I saw that bjdollarama take pre-order for this outfit, it looks like they are going to produce it again!
    2. I'd be wary of that site. She's banned from here.
    3. As I remember, she did the same thing with DollHeart Fer outfits in colors that were never to be reproduced.
    4. Well, I ordered from her twice and never had any trouble...but I just emailed Dollheart and ask them to make sure!
      I'll let you know what they answer!
    5. Yes, thanks so much for posting!!!
      I have ordered! I love that outfit.
      Lately they have been very good with orders
    6. Since BJDollarama is a banned user, we are closing this thread.

      -- A <3