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DollHeart updated! (YoSD shoes and more!)

Oct 9, 2005

    1. I always love Dollheart! waaah, !


      now they have YoSD shoes! (lots of other updates too though... new boots and shoes for most sizes) and also if you havent seen it already their mix and match section.
    2. Shop4DollsandBears.com (and the soon-to-open FreeSpiritz.com) is proud to announce we are the US Agent for Doll Heart!

      Some Yo-SD shoes in stock now along with many of the brand new Mix-and-Match Casual Separates! (Punk and Gothic & Lolita separates coming soon!)

      We place orders regularly with Doll Heart, so do let us know if we can help with anything as it will be a couple more days before all of these items are up on the websites.
    3. if only they made unoa shoes ;_; I'm worried the msd will be too large.
    4. maybe they will eventually! :)!
    5. I bought the black MSD shoes for my Isil Unoa Sist
      and they fit
      someone here on DOA reccomended the shoes for Unoa so I ordeded a couple of pair and they are fantastic