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Dollheart x DoA LE Outfits for 60cm boy and YoSD-sized tiny

Aug 12, 2009

    1. Den of Angels is proud to announce our joint development product with Dollheart!

      The Outfits

      These designs were created from drawings by the DoA Moderators. They are exclusive to DoA and will not be offered by other retailers or distributors. At this point, they are considered time-limited rather than number limited. However, if we have an unexpectedly high demand, we may close orders early. (24 hour notice will be given in that case).

      For more pictures, please click the photo.

      [​IMG]Darke Homme Fer

      Price: $99.90 + shipping


      Price: $79.90 + shipping


      The order period will be from 8/11/2009 to 8/25/2009. All payments must be received by 8/28/2009. Shortly after, we will submit the order for production. After that, it will be 45-60 working days before Dollheart ships the outfits to us.

      After we receive the outfits, we will try to ship them out as quickly as possible. However, please be aware that there may be delays as there are only two of us doing the packing and shipping.

      If you need this outfit by a specific date, please do not order. We cannot guarantee delivery within a certain time frame as most of the process is out of our hands.

      As the quantity is made to order, once the order is placed with Dollheart, refunds are not possible. Please think carefully before ordering.
    2. How to Order


      Within the US, all orders will be sent via Priority mail with Delivery Confirmation.
      Internationally, we will quote you shipping options and you may choose the one that suits your needs. Please note that we will not underdeclare your package.

      Insurance is optional. If you do not purchase insurance and your order is lost or damaged in the mail, there is nothing that we can do for you.

      To order, please PM DoAOrders with the following information:

      When you PM DoAOrders, please attach a read receipt to ensure that your order request has been received. Don't panic if you don't receive a response immediately; there will be slight delays as orders are primarily being handled by Junkets and Armeleia, both of whom are in the middle of closing on a house.

      After we receive your order request, we will send you an invoice for the total via Paypal. After you pay the invoice, you may consider your order complete. Please save the Paypal notice as your receipt.
    3. Question: do the wings on the steampunk outfit's top come off? I'm thinking of ordering it for my Glati, but he's got his own wings! >>;
    4. The wings are sewn to the jacket, but you could probably easily remove the stitches holding them on. :)