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DollHeartXPeakswoods Limited Yeru Pre-Order

Apr 1, 2006

    1. Dear Customers,

      We are accepting pre-order of this limited Dolls. Please click the below links for more info :)

      If you have any question, please send us a email: info@DollHeart.com

    2. What is the limitation of the pre-order? Is it till a certain date or a certain number of orders are filled?
    3. Oh I am in love with peakswood's dolls. Are you going to sell limited edition of the other dolls especially Yulli or Cue?
    4. I'm in <3 . But i've got the same question as lilycat, will you have other limited editions of Peakswood dolls?
      Or even other brand dolls? =)
    5. er... how tall is she?
    6. Peakswoods girls are 58cm tall.

      I just guess too if there are going to be more Peakswoods Limited Preorders. I would totally love a Sky or Skiya one!
    7. It is limited to 30 :) The target shippment date is the middle of May
    8. You can chose another model of Peakswoods, such as Cue, Sky :)
    9. You can chose another model of peakwoods (Sky, Skiya), we will provide the same makeup and costume :)
    10. Limited to 30. for each type of doll or 30 piece regardless of head mould? =)
      Also, with the faceup. can it be slightly different to Yeru's one? =)

      Sorry for so many questions >< i'm seriously contemplating about getting her =)
    11. i wonder if theres an order deadline date...
      but thats very cool about the other doll part ^_^
    12. a little off topic, but do you think in the future you'll do something like this with mori moth? (the MSD size peakswood doll)
    13. Our outifts are limited to 30 set only. (^^;;

      Yes, the face up can be slightly different. :)
    14. The deadline date is the end of April. (^^
    15. Yes :)

      Actually, The mori limited edition will be ready soon , please keep an eye on www.DollHeart.com and DoA about DollHeart 's topic :)
    16. Waw, she is so pretty! *3* I love her dress!
      I just want to ask something...
      I would like to know if it was possible to have this outfit on a Viyol? ^^
      I saw that there was all the other dolls of Peakswood on the site of Dollheart, but not Viyol, now this is my favorite one... But, I love equally the wake-up Cue...
      So, could tou tell me please?
      Thanks a lot! ^3^/
    17. She is so gorgeous..... I wonder how long it would take her to get to me if I order her now? I'm in the USA New Jersey
    18. You can receive it within 30 days after your order :)
    19. You can receive it within 30 days after your order :)
    20. Great time, will ordering from website be the same as Ebay??