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Dollhouse sized dolls?

May 2, 2012

    1. So, tiny dolls are in a world all their own to me. I have found that the most common scale for the typical dollhouse is a 1/12th doll, and I know there are a few, if not limited, options of BJDs in that size. However, personally speaking, that scale is WAY too tiny. However, as I don't have a lot of experiences with anything smaller than a MSD, I really feel I'm shooting in the dark when it comes to where to go next.

      My main question is, what is the largest sized tiny that can fit in a typical dollhouse without looking absolutely ridiculous? Perhaps the scale won't be 100% perfect but the visual still works? Aside from the suggested size, perhaps some actual suggested companies who make such a size would be awesome as well :)

    2. Is Lati White going to be too off scale? They seem to be on the smaller side of the scale
    3. There are lots of tinies which fit into 1/12th scale. Some of them include Pukipuki, Elfdoll, Amelia Thimble, Realpuki, Lati White Sp etc. Pukifee and Lati Yellow are a bit oversized but can still work if you don't mind them being out of scale although some people do house sets in a larger scale for them and YoSds (best 1/6 scale for them).
    4. There's also Tinybear's elves. She's Sleeping Elf on Etsy. Coco and BonBon the fat faries, Bracken, Moona, Mina, the skinny adults and Thistledown a chubby 4". Love them all. Then there's Mouse by BJTales. Non are easily found now, but worth looking out for IMHO.
    5. Thanks for the suggestions! So, as mentioned, that means YoSD dolls would be 1/6 scale? And YoSDs are the typical 26cm I'm assuming. Gah, it's so confusing, why can't tinies all have a general height they follow like the other size ranges ;) I certainly hope it's the 26cm range, I think their larger size is more suitable for me while still fitting in the classic dollhouse size.
    6. The 26cm are way too big to fit into the classic dollshouse scale which is 1/12th. This means that 1 inch = 1 foot so eg a 6 inch doll would represent a 6ft person irl.

      If you want to do a set for a YoSd size then check out Flickr for pics, you will need the 1:6 size house and furniture. Here's a couple of links to get you started of people who do larger houses for their dolls http://www.flickr.com/photos/31649374@N02/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/nerea_pozo/ http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...-Dollhouse-UPDATED-PIX-ON-PG-30-as-of-3-27-12
    7. Oh wow, those links are awesome! Thank you both! Exactly the type of thing I was looking for but I only ever came up with the general dollhouse thread in the Picture Requests forum.

      I admit, I am a bit conflicted...the house I have has about the typical 10 inch tall rooms, I've had it for over 10 years and I'm finally now determined to finish it this summer. Too bad I'm absolutely certain anything smaller than a YoSD would simply be too small for my tastes...hmm, I may have to ponder if dolls in a completely out of scale room (even if the furniture would be in scale) would really bother me all too much as I'm finishing building it.
    8. Ah. .. but there is always away around these things . . . you could make the hosue a play house/toy for one of your dolls -- maybe an MSD or YoSD sized doll. You remember the really large doll houses you could get when you were a kid, the ones that were as tall as you were? That's the sort of thing I'm talking about here.
      Just a thought . . .
    9. Reviving for any possible updates, there are so many new companies now there have got to be some new suggestions.
      One I can make is DreamHigh Studio's tiny fairies of various sizes (14cm & smaller).
    10. They make dollhouses that are scaled for Barbie and similar dolls. The more mature tinys look more natural in those settings. Of course with a little math, ingenuity and a doll house pattern you can make a perfectly scaled doll home for any size doll. It would take some effort but I bet it would turn out spectacular.
    11. Another bump. I know there have to be more out there. Can people add some links to ones they're familiar with? Thanks!

      ETA: I really need help finding a WhiteSkin 14cm doll (similar in body type to the Elfdoll elves). Can anyone help? Thanks
    12. Hmmm...do you mean just size, or maturity as well? Size wise, there's always Dollmore Banji, I know they come in white skin versions:

      There's also Carrie's Mina/Moona girls, I know she does white skin as well. She's at SleepingElf on Etsy.

      Looks like Gardenofdolls' Nabiyette will be re-released soon, which is that same scale and a bit more mature than either Carrie's girls or Banji. I know she's also a vendor at the KBJDShow at the end of next month, so I imagine she'll have her available for that. http://www.gardenofdolls.com/index_020.htm
    13. Thank you for the photo Clochette, I hadn't considered a Banji, she just might be it. :)
    14. This one may be too tiny, but you can always look up Wilde Imagination's Amelia Thimble.
      Think she's 10cm.
    15. I do not believe WI has made a whiteskinned version of Amelia yet, but here's an idea of her height:

    16. Garden of Dolls Nabiyette works perfectly with 1/12 dollhouse miniatures :)
    17. Oh, and Nabiyette and all of Sleeping Elf'd dolls are available in white resin as well :)
    18. She is darling but like the Catsys, it would seem that Nabiyette is now "Discontinued and Sold out!" But it does seem like they will be offering a "new and improved" version at some point: