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Dollicieux - First Issue up tonight!

Jun 1, 2005

    1. Hi all

      I’m pleased to announce the first issue of Dollicieux, an ezine focused on asian style BJDs is online now! I’m so excited to finally have this project come to life. It’s been months and months (and months ;) ) in the works and to see it up and running is a thrill. I hope everyone gets a chance to go check it out and enjoys what they see.

      In our first issue we have an interview with Juliet from Violet Fern, an awesome photography tutorial from JoAnn, a contest for some wonderful Dollheart shoes and our cover girls are Steph G’s beautiful trio!

      So please take the time and drop by!


    2. ohh looks interesting :)
      that's a pretty good idea an ezine on dollfies :)

      great work, looks good so far

      I love VioletFern's outfits and such, so great that you guys got to interview her :)
    3. I really enjoyed reading this :daisy Thank you for bringing this to us.

      And StephG's article was so interesting and touching :D
    4. This is awesome! I really enjoyed reading it! I cant wait for the next issue! Thank you!!!!
    5. That's a lovely idea, and executed well at the same time! Clean, pretty and informative. The Zine looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future! ^-^
    6. I love it! ^_^ Thank you for the effort put into producing it. My favourite part, believe it or not, was the opening paragraphs of the editor's letter...it described so eloquently what could have been my first meeting with the doll that became my first. (albeit my experience was online and not 'in the flesh').

      P/S: One tiny error I noted: on the cover, "Etheral" should be "Ethereal"! ^_^
    7. wow wow wow

      will add you to my site :D
    8. Hiya^^
      So enjoyed the first issue, can´t wairt for the 2nd :grin:

      My fav doll on the cover..., one of the best seamstress I´ve seen...well done and thanks


      Ot: if you see any weird stuff in my posts blame this damn keyboard, it´s batteries are almost dead and always forgret to change :oops: them
    9. Good luck...

    10. Great job! Very professional looking and enjoyable.
    11. Lyssa, it's wonderful! I'm enjoying reading it! Your hard work is much appreciated and I look forward to the next issue! My girls are throwing kisses your way! :D
    12. Lyssa, this looks great. I'm happy to see a mag that focuses just on ABJD. Fashion spotlights with favorite designers are always interesting, and the overall layout is simple and crisp. One suggestion -- it would be great if the links in Violetfern's interview were actually live so we could see her inspirations.

    13. ok, maybe this is a dumb question, but is subscription free?
    14. That's awesome, and I think it's great that you interviewed VioletFern; I love her stuff!
    15. That was wonderful!!!!

      Pony_gery :chibi
    16. You've done a great job! :love Loved everything about it, the look, the dolls and the photo tutorial. :love Can't wait to see more!
    17. Great pictures and info! Finally....a magazine about BJDs....and in English. :grin: Can't wait for more....subscribing now....thanks!

      Janine in PA
    18. Wow-- superb! : D
    19. Awwww… guys, thank you so much for all the kind words and awesome response! I also appreciate the suggestions so much. They will definitely help us grow. Everyone here (read: small staff of 3 – myself included) are so thrilled by the response. It made the work so very worth it! We’re already working on July’s issue and all the positive comments are fueling us today – no need for coffee :grin:

      Once again a big thank you to StephG, Juliet and JoAnn! They were so supportive and kind to share their time on an unknown project. You guys are wonderful! Also I must thank our July contributors as well. They also agreed to be part of Dollicieux before they had seen the ezine. Thank you all for the faith you've put in us.

      I’m near tears I’m so happy so I’ll sign off now. Thanks again everyone!

      Have a wonderful day!

      PS - subscription is free :daisy
    20. How do I subscribe to the mailing list if I don't use Outlook express? I keep trying, but it just brings up Outlook, which I don't and cant use. ;.; Should I send an email to the address given?