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Dollie Nightmares?

Jul 4, 2006

    1. I've noticed an... unsettling trend with myself and my sweet doll, Eros. When I leave him in his own cozy little bed at night and don't have him cuddled up next to my pillow at night, I get all sorts of nightmares about him getting hurt or destroyed. Whether a humid climate makes his face peel off or someone drags him along on the ground and scratches his resin...

      But when I do bring Eros to sleep next to me I don't have the dreams. Does anyone else have a similar experience? Or any sort of nightmares of your dolls getting hurt at all?
    2. Hmm..yea I have this unlawful dream/fear of her falling off somewhere and her nose breaking off and she looks like Micheal Jackson. :...(
    3. I don't have a dolly but I have nighmares that she comes in the mail all messed up, or made of cheap plastic and falls apart x.x
    4. Well... i have enough dolls around in my room to be scared to the bones that something terrible could happens to them T_T i think when you love a thing too much that kind of nightmare is almost normal.... (omg.. well normal maybe not... i am obsessed i know... LOL )...
    5. Not about dolls, but I have nightmares all the time about my animals. I had one a few days ago where I had my rabbit in Manhatten with me and I was homeless and had no money for food for him :( and no cage to put him in to protect him from weirdo's, so I had to tuck him in my coat. However all my animals have a safe home with me and no money worries but I still have these dreams regularly though.
    6. I used to have nightmares about my F-15 being hurt all the time, they pretty much went away when I bought my second boy, though.
    7. I had this dream last night where some people came over and I was going to show off my dolls but they weren't on the shelf. There were gone and all I could find was a pair of lower legs and feet....
    8. one time I dreamed that my doll was totally broken, when I woke up I ran into the livingroom to check on her :s she was just fine :D
    9. I have dreams now about my girl's face-up getting destroyed(it's a limited face-up, so no changing it....ever. XD). I always have to wake up and check her just in case(she sits in a little chair on my bedside table :D).
    10. When I was waiting for my boy to arrive, I had nightmares constantly about him showing up all wrong, or just weird looking. He wouldn't have legs, or his head would be one big eye, etc etc. They seem to have stopped now that he's here.

      ...However, I have been shopping at Volks quite often in recent dreams. o_o
    11. I actually had a nightmare a week or so ago that Roo's lovely Zouk and Nada eyes became these horrid, flat, lifeless, flakey eye things that were really frightening >___>; I remember thinking - how the heck am I going to replace Zouk eyes?? There was something wrong with his face, too...
    12. I had this dream awhile ago when I first got Aubrey...
      I use to constantly wear eyeliner and it gets all over, so in the dream there was a smudge on Aubrey I tried rubbing it off with a wet cloth or something but it only got bigger and wouldn't go away. ;_;
    13. I had an odd one
      we have a george forman grill in our kicten and when you use it makes thease snapping sounds that sound like someting little resin fingers being snaped and I sleep on the couch and the kicten and the two are conected via the living room
      Any way I was sleeping and my roomate was cooking with the grill and it started snapping and it incorperated itself into my dream about Xander and I snaped awake (pardon the pun) from a almost dead sleep and he sleeps in his coffin next to couch so I like zombie hoped up on battery acid jolted forward to check him and he was fine but man my heart was pounding cause my roomates don't really like Xander so I was afraid they mite be hurting him I get alot of flac for having him but I don't care what can I say I love my little Vampire
    14. The night my boy arrived I had a nightmare that my mom came in the room to vaccuum, saw him, hated him so much that she threw him against a wall. o.o But the next day she didn't seem to hate him, so I guess it was just a scare because of how mad she was I bought him when he first came. x.x
    15. The dream about poor Crane's hair getting tangled into a mass of knots that neither of us could get out was pretty nightmarish... If only because Crane was very much a living thing in that dream, so it hurt him when his hair was pulled. It bothered me a lot that one of my guys was that upset, and that every time I tried to fix it, I just ended up hurting him more and making him that much more frightened. :(

      The one about our little upstairs neighbor chasing Harumatsu up the maple tree in the courtyard was more humorous than frightening, though, even if she *did* have sticky purple stuff all over her hands. :D
    16. The only doll related dream I've had is one where I was getting attacked by a disembodied El head. It would try to bite me on the arm, I would throw it across the room like a tennis ball, only to have the Evil El rebound more determined. Why an El head in particular, I don't know.
    17. i had so many anxiety dreams when i was waiting for glacier to arrive. i would dream that he would come home with a crushed box and when i opened it he would be broken, or that his face had huge gouges in it, and one time i had this really weird dream where a layer of resin started to peel off like he was molting and underneath there was this sticky brown-black substance that looked like motor oil. i started to get kind of scared to go to sleep ^^;;; i stopped having dreams like that after he got here. but i did have one a couple of nights ago where my mom dropped him on the hard tile floor and his nose and like half of his face broke off, that on actually scared me the most out of all the dreams O_o;;

      this doesn't have anything to do with nightmares but i realized that if i take glacier with me to someone's house overnight, i have to have him right next to my head or else i don't sleep as well. but when i'm at home i can put him in his bed and sleep with no problem o_O;
    18. I had nightmares when I was waiting for Tristan to arrive. Usually about him never showing up, or UPS sending him back. I don't think he's been in a dream since. (Which is good, the last dream I can remember had the cast of Hellsing in it. O.o)
    19. hmmm.. no, that's never happened to me - but then again, I can't really recall having ANY dreams about my dolls, unfortunately.. ^_^;;;
    20. I had a dream where I was the doll, and Angel was the human. Although it wasn't scary... (except for the horrible dresses she made me wear).