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Dollinian dolls

Jan 6, 2008

    1. Hello all I was wondering if Dollinian dolls are allowed on DoA? I have one and when I got her the lady at the doll store said they are American made or something like that... But Just wanted to see if they are allowed on here or not?

      Thank you!
    2. they are ...as far as I know they are China made arnt they ?
      they are sold through US and other dealers
      and they fit the DOA criteria :)
    3. yep they fit. I am getting a dollinain 60cm and have recently seen the tiny-so cheap! i did a bit of research on here and all seems fine with them

      American designed and sent produced in China I believe
    4. Thanks all I will put pictures up of my girl later ^_^
    5. Does anyone have measurements for this tiny.. I am getting one of these cute tinys and I want to start sewing before it arrives