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Dollish U-da & U-me

May 27, 2006

    1. Hi!!!!!!

      One friend bought a U-DA head in ebay, and send it to me for do it the make-up, and .... I'have fallen in love. *_*

      It's so cuteeee!!!!! ><

      I want one, but I know it's very difficult to find a U-ME or U-DA head. Anyone know where to find one?

      Aaaaaaaahh. I love them!!! ><
    2. Dollish is sold out of them I believe. I am DYING for a U-me head! I think the only way right now is secondary market. I wish us both lots of luck!
    3. I wish we can get a U-DA or U-ME. They're so beautyful. *_*
    4. I got Shin through the Secondary market... I'm not sure where you can order them ^^;; (He's a U-me <3 I'm praying for a U-da to show up soon so he can have his brother)
    5. I got my U-me from Beckers here on DoA. He's a truly gorgeous mould, and I was SO lucky to find one for sale. He's kind of expensive for a "non LE" head, but he's worth it ^^. The only place to buy him is unfortunatley the secondary market. Good luck!
    6. Around what price range do they go for? :3
    7. From what I remember, I paid just under $400 for my U-me head.