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Apr 15, 2005

    1. Haven't got the foggiest idea if this is the right place for this post, so if it's not, mods please move it :daisy

      Spotted this boy up on y!j this morning and following the link in it, got to Dollishly.com. Looks to be a new Korean head-maker with U-oa and U-me (the latter is really growing on me...)
    2. From wha tI could tell from translating the Q&A board:

      Heads will be available in foreign countries after yahoo japan auction...

      Head will be 149000 won
      Comes with makeup?
      You provide image of what you want it to look like, or how you want the eyebrows you want to be ( something about acoholic beverages) up, or mad..

      I didnt see anyhting about a body, and the body ,IMO, looks like a SD/13..
    3. To those interested - U-Da is sold out in Korea, and he's to have ONE more release. I don't know when that is, and Sado hasn't said anything. I don't know about the status of U-Me.
    4. I have left a message on Siennas board , Im hoping to hear from her to see if I can get one off the site ...keeping my fingers crossed
    5. Hey Gloria,

      Someone showed me a neat trick; instead of glueing in the eyelashes, you can use stickytape and tape them to the inside of the head. This way you don't need to trim them down, just put them further in if you want them shorter. Easy to remove, or reposition, and no glue or thread showing. The only downside is that the lashes tend to angle a bit downwards, sometimes touching the eye. It is a matter of taste, and seems to vary from one type of lash to another.....
    6. Ume head is available right now for $250. I can get them but I have to have at least 5 heads ordered. >.< Uda is in 3rd production and not yet available.
    7. Looks like the site is down or closed. This post was originally from April. Maybe someone knows if they moved or closed their website. I love Dollish...
    8. People think these ones are creepy, there were spookier ones in another post sometime back. The heads are really lovely!

      Try this link, I think it will work!

    9. If there is going to be one more release (I am not sure, this thread is old--I found my U-Me on the secondhand market), Grace would announce it probably, since she is the one who did the U-Me group order. (not a lot of help, I know ^^;;; )
    10. The second U-da/U-me release is over. :(
      I remember being depressed about it, since I didn't have a chance to get U-da..