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Nov 8, 2016


      By: Cris E. (DOLK STAFF)

      How’s the experienced?

      DOLLISM PLUS TOKYO is a venue for all dolls including Japanese dolls. One of the biggest ball jointed doll convention is the DOLLISM PLUS which is the first BJD theme in Hong Kong and China and hosted by Dollheart, the famous doll’s outfit maker. The said convention happens once a year, serve as a celebration to meet the different famous makers of ball jointed dolls at the entire world. The chance to show up and displayed their handmade and unique items.

      Last October 22, 2016, the convention was held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and hosted by DOLK with Dollheart to hold the DOLLISM PLUS TOKYO. It was a successful event! Many famous makers were gathered together, display and sell their items. They are so much enjoyed in that day to show up their beloved dolls. In the collaboration of special dolls, most of the famous makers who are devoted in producing special dolls also enjoyed entertaining their customers. Most of the customers who are doll lovers were very amazed of the unique and beautiful faces of dolls they’ve seen on that day. Not only dolls but also doll’s outfits, accessories, shoes, wigs, eyes and many more are displayed.

      All the dolls featured at Dollism Plus Tokyo are cast in polyurethane synthetic resin, a hard, dense plastic, and the parts strung together with thick elastic. It is said that the products displayed is high quality. Some dolls are quite expensive but it is worth it. The venue was really gorgeous and big where many people can enter and join. Some of them were taking pictures as their souvenir, turning around and excited to have their own bjd doll.

      It was a very nice experience being part of the said event wherein you can meet different kind of people with different races who also love dolls and treat dolls like human. For me, bjd dolls are very important because they gave us happiness in times of sadness. So, if you have given the chance to explore, don’t waste it. Time is precious!


      Once again we would like to give thanks to all people who supported this event especially those who visited and witnessed. Thank you and until next year!!
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