Limited Items Dollism Plus Tokyo 2017 Items

Oct 13, 2017

    1. Dollism Plus Tokyo 2017 Items

      Do you miss the chance to buy a unique & gorgeous doll during this event?
      Don't worry! It is now, your opportunity to buy them in our store, they are now available in very limited only.

      For more details see it here Dollism Plus Tokyo 2017 Items

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    2. Do you have Kaili (Age of Exploration)? I hope do you have that doll.
    3. Click the link. It's the 3rd doll.
    4. Oh thank you so much. I didn't notice that.

      On the website it said that Vezeto with Face Tattoo is already sold out, Is it possible that I will order
      Vezeto with no Face Tattoo and I want to request to put the tattoo even though It has the additional payment?
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