Event "Dollism Plus Tokyo" (The Museum Ver.) 2016

Aug 8, 2016

    1. “Dollism Plus Tokyo” is now back!! ​

      You can meet the special dolls only here in “Dollism Plus Tokyo”!! For the sake of all doll lovers in the world, this enormous event will be hold!!

      “Dollism Plus” is a one of the biggest ball-jointed doll conventions hosted by famous doll’s outfit maker, DollHeart in Hong Kong since 2006. Every year, the famous doll makers and artists from all over the world were invited to attend this event. They display and sell their items.

      Since 2012, for the BJD lovers in Japan, DOLK became the host with Doll Heart to hold the “Dollism Plus Tokyo” and now, for this year 2016 we will hold the “Dollism Plus Tokyo 2016” at Ikebukuro Sunshine city, this comiing October 22, 2016 11am to 3pm !!
      Many famous makers will gather together and show off their beloved dolls. There are special collaboration Dolls also. You can meet them only in this event. Those makers who produce the special dolls devoted themselves and prepare for this event.

      Please join us and let us share the hot emotions of loves!!

      (Our Special Website is in Japanese, you can try to translate by right click in your mouse and click "translate into english", if you have further questions you can contact us always at our email address below)

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    2. Hi, I will be flying in from overseas, it is my first time attending Dollism Plus, may I know how to purchase tickets? Are they sold in advanced or on the day itself? I tried looking at the website for ticket sales but do not see any information (I might have missed it!!! sorry!)
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    3. I wish Spiritdoll will take elegance male body to dollism. I will totally buy it. I checked the website but the don't have any male elegance in the exhibition at all. :sigh:|*_*
    4. I suggest you email Spirit Doll and ask them to bring one for you? Or ask if you can buy one and pick it up at the show?
    5. Should tickets be available on the day? Or should I buy advanced ticket to be safe? Just like to avoid having it sent all the way to UK ^^;
    6. I second this. Can we purchase tickets at the door? Thank you! ^^
    7. Hello Guys!! The ticket is limited. So it might be sold-out anytime. I would suggest to purchase ahead. Thank you for your interest!!:3nodding::3nodding::3nodding:
    8. Hi!

      I bought my tickets on the website on September 8th, will we get the tickets electronically or will you send it?

      I'm worried if it is sent by post it won't arrive before I leave for Japan.
    9. Hi, i just put in my ticket order and am wondering if it is possible to collect the ticket at the entrance if I show my passport ID? i am worried it will not reach me before i leave for Japan too.
    10. Hi dear, I ordered my tickets on Aug 26. And they send me a notice that they will ship soon on Sept. 14. I am not sure why it took them so long, because the ticket is in stock. It is quite a wait for in stock tickets.
    11. Hello Guys!! Normally it will only take a week to ship in your location. If its already too late to arrive before the event, you can also contact our customer service ([email protected]) to pick up in our Tokyo Store! Please communicate to our customer service they will assist you as much as they can. Thank you and See you!!
    12. Hi, is it possible to pick the ticket at the event? I'm afraid I won't have enough time to go pick it up at the store. It's also been awhile now, and the order status is still waiting for shipment.
    13. Hello @Melancholic_dolly, Yes it is posible just let our customer service know so that they will keep your ticket well in our store. But I think there is still time to ship to your place since that is three weeks still. Thank you and Enjoy!! :)