Dollism Plus US 2014, presented by Dollheart, Den of Angels & Mint on Card Sept 19-21

Jun 25, 2013

    1. Originally posted by Armeleia

      We are excited to announce that DoA will be partnering with Dollheart and Mint on Card to present the largest ball-jointed doll convention ever in the United States - Dollism Plus US in September of 2014! :aheartbea

      Date: 19th to 21st September, 2014
      Venue: Hyatt Regency, Buffalo

      Dollism Plus is a ball-jointed doll convention hosted by DollHeart in Hong Kong since 2006 (Dollism Plus - Tokyo was hosted in 2012). We are inviting doll makers and artists from all over the world to attend this event. While we have not yet invited vendors, past events have had many of the most popular Asian companies, including Luts, LeekeWorld, DoD, LatiDoll, Peakswoods, Crobidoll, Switch, BlueFairy, Nine9 Style, Another Space, RosenLied, IOS, Sadol, Pipos, DollZone, and AngelStudio. We will be bringing many talented companies to join us, as well as offering the opportunity to our some of our Western BJD retailers and artisans. If you're interested in seeing photos from some of the past Dollism Plus conventions, please check out the Meetups Gallery (HK Dollism Plus 2, HK Dollism Plus 3, HK Dollism Plus 4, HK Dollism Plus 5, HK Dollism Plus 6, HK Dollism Plus 7, and Dollism Plus Tokyo) and Dollheart's galleries on Facebook (Dollism Plus 7 Day 1 and Day 2)

      This convention will also celebrate DoA's 10th anniversary. In addition to Dollism Plus's usual events, there will be a number of special DoA anniversary events and items.

      The convention will be held in Buffalo, NY. This is a great location, only a short distance from the world-famous Niagara Falls, and proximity to the Canadian border and a major airline hub will allow easier travel for both US and international visitors. Western New York has great food and scenic attractions while being gentler on the wallet than many larger cities.

      Admission fees and group hotel information will be shared as soon as it has been established. Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to sharing more news with you!
    2. We have selected dates and a venue!

      Date: 19th to 21st Sep, 2014 (3 days)
      Venue: Hyatt Regency, Buffalo

      We have not secured the group block of rooms yet, so please don't book your accommodations yet. :) (There will be a discounted room rate at the Hyatt.)
    3. Hello guys! Registration for the event is now open:

      The website is very basic, but we will be updating with information on the contests and programming as they are finalized. :)
    4. Dollism Plus US

      Single Day Pass Info

      Hyatt Roommate Thread

      Carpool Thread

      Chat thread Part 1

      List of vendor attendees so far:

      Aimerai Doll
      Asleep Eidolon
      Bo Bergemann

      Cristy Stone
      Dapper Zebra
Dear Mine Doll
      Doll Heart
Enchanted Dolls Eyes
      GG Doll Fashions
      Henriette Jardin
      Jpop Dolls
      Lati Doll

      Magic Mirror Studios
      Mellow Doll
      Milk + Honey
      Mint on Card
Nalisinko Workshop
      Oscar Doll
Peak’s Woods

      Princess Doll
      Ring Doll
      Ruby Red Galleria
Spirit Doll


      the horned moon, with one bright star
      The Trinket Box
      Valerie Zeitler
Xaga Doll
    5. The dollism plus site had a significant update today. More details were added to registration page, as well as single day pass information. Donations page is added. We will begin soliciting doll companies for donation to the con. Donations will be used for raffle prizes. All proceeds from the raffle will be going to charities. For details please visit

      Vendors page is also updated with a new more artists/companies added.
    6. A facebook page is created for Dollism Plus USA. If you would like to follow closely with up to the minute development, please be sure to like and/or follow the page.
    7. Attention! If you filled out the registration form for DP but did NOT submit any sort of payment via paypal then you are NOT registered for DP! We need the form & the payment for you to be considered registered. People who filled out the registration form but did not submit payment will not have a pair DollHeart shoes held for them, only the first 200 people who have paid for their admission to DP will claim a pair. If you have any questions about registration please send us a PM or email [email protected]. Thank you! :)

      Also, we are down to less than 50 pairs of DH shoes left for registered convention attendees.
    8. As of this afternoon (March 23rd), all 200 pairs of shoes from Doll Heart are spoken for. The last person on the list is Amy from Brooklyn, registered at 3:50pm Eastern US standard time.
    9. Dollism Plus has decided for those missed the opportunity to receive a free pair of Doll Heart shoes as gift, we will give out 108 pairs of socks for the next 108 convention registered attendees! Attendees will be given either




      These socks were previous sold out. We recently discovered some still in-stock. These socks fit both 1/3 and 1/4 dolls.

      So far 3 pairs of socks already has owners :)

    10. We would like to know how many people booked their rooms were unable to obtain the convention rate. We can only get convention rate for Friday and Saturday nights. We are going to talk to the hotel to see if they allow us to expand about block. We need a rough estimate as how many more rooms we will need to add onto our block.
    11. I'm teaching the body maintenance class. :) I'll be emailing participants in the next few weeks about possibly putting together maintenance kits and figuring out if there are any specific problems we want to troubleshoot. :)

      We're trying to figure out ways to accommodate more people, but haven't found the best solution yet. We'll keep you guys updated!

      I'm currently working on the photo staging sets and I'm pretty psyched about some of the props and furniture I've found, so now I'm getting into the actual construction. :) I heard there may be some big big dolls, so I will try to make at least something simple for the Lusion and other giant BJD. :)
    12. Just a quick note - Jim (javasoy) and I just went to the venue again and I have good news! We will be able to expand the class sizes substantially. We will begin by contact people who are currently wait listed.

      Also good news and bad news - the bad news is that the Hyatt is sold out, so we can't expand our block on site. However, the Hyatt has a relationship with Comfort Suites which is 2 blocks away, so we can probably expand our booking there and offer a discounted rate. There is a free little train that runs between too if you don't want to walk. If you already booked there and we do this, you can likely get added to the block at the discount rate - however, please wait on our announcement to confirm this.

      Trying out lunch at a local restaurant - Osteria 166. I'll let you know if it's any good. ;)
    13. Okay, comfort suites is holding a 20 room block for us at $139/night. It's literally a 3 minute walk from the Hyatt.

      716-854-5500 to call, tell them you're with Dollism to get the rate. :)
    14. Darak is now registered