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New Doll Dollits released a new DKDg body

Nov 2, 2018

    1. Hello!
      Dollits released a new DKDg body. It is B body.
      It is on sale with DKD heads.
      Thank you! :)

      Dollits DKDg
      DKDg B body


      ● Height (Body + Head): 42cm
      ● Neck circumference: 6.9cm
      ● Shoulder width (From Arm to arm): 9cm
      ● Chest Circumference: 17.6 cm
      ● Arm's length (Excluded hand): 13 cm
      ● Arm's length (Including hand): 16.4cm
      ● Waist circumference: 13cm
      ● Hip circumference: 20cm
      ● length from crotch to Foot : 20.7cm
      ● Thigh Circumference: 11.4cm
      ● Foot length: 5.4cm
      ● Foot width: 2.2cm

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