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Dolliverse BJD Convention June 3rd 2012, Europe

Dec 5, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      We invite you to join the Dolliverse Asian & Ball Jointed Doll Convention on June 3rd, 2012!


      The theme this year is Arabian Nights

      Tickets can be purchased in advance, but please note the limited space (max. 250 people).
      International attendees are very welcome, please help make this Europe's best BJD Convention!

      We happily invite international vendors to attend as well, whether you are a dealer, artist or hobbyist!
      Anyone can sell and a Bring & Buy service is available for people who only have pre-owned or home-made things to sell, as long as you're not doing so professionally.

      5 Star Doll
      have generously donated a cute tiny boy in normal skin. He will be the first prize for the Photo Challenge!

      Ersa Flora
      have generously donated several sets of beautiful, handmade eyes. They can be won in the lottery!

      There will be many doll brands, represented by different vendors:
      * 5 Star Doll
      * Angel Fantasy
      * Angelheim
      * Angell Studio
      * Angel of Dream
      * Angelsdoll
      * Asleep Eidolon
      * Bambicrony
      * Boy & Girl
      * Bluefairy
      * Blythe
      * Dikadoll
      * Doll Chateau
      * Doll Factory
      * Doll Family-A
      * Doll Family-H
      * Doll Leaves
      * Doll Love
      * Dollzone
      * D612
      * Dragondoll
      * Epic Stuff
      * Fairygarden
      * Fairyland
      * Glib
      * Hujoo
      * Illusion Spirit
      * IMPL Doll
      * Infiniti Doll
      * Kizdoll
      * Leekeworld
      * Migidoll
      * Mimiwoo
      * Monique
      * Nine9 Style
      * Peapod Doll
      * Pink Hazard
      * Pullip
      * Releaserain
      * Resinsoul
      * Ringdoll
      * Souldoll
      * Sseiren

      Beside the sales room, there are many things do do, see and learn:
      * creameet where you yourself can work on your face-ups, modding, sewing, jewelry or other projects using the free materials provided by the Dolliverse crew
      * workshops: work on your projects with help from volunteers who can guide you
      * have a face-up commission done for you on the spot (at a fee to be determined by the artists themselves)
      * use the free restringing and hot glue sueding services (elastic cord is not included but is offered for sale)
      * borrow BJD and doll related books from our library to read and learn
      * join us for the group foto!
      * join in on the swap (pre-registration only)
      * enter in the Photo Challenge to win fabulous prizes
      * enter the FREE raffle