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DollLove Baby Love (1/6 Dolls) discusion part 1

Jul 2, 2011

    1. Hello! Since I cannot find any thread about Doll-Love (Doll Love or DollLove) Tinies I decided to make one :D

      I noticed that there were more and more people out there decided to own/buy Doll-Love tinies but little were known about these dolls/company so I decided to make this thread to discuss any related questions/comments regarding the doll/company :)

      ...mod notes...

      DollLove Pink skin next to White skin:

      DollLove Baby Love (1/6 Dolls) discussion part 1:
    2. Here are some of my questions that I haven't found an answer yet:
      ~> Do Doll-Love Baby Love Tan Skin turns green?
      ~> Is 12mm eyes fits the baby love dolls? (I've searched that 14mm is their defaults... But one can notice that the white portion of the eyes are hardly visible...So I'm thinking of putting a smaller sized eyes so that the white parts will be more visible)

      Thanks for your replies! :)
    3. Yay! Finally a discussion thread for these guys! ^__^ I was going to make one myself soon if no one else jumped on it. Thanks, hiesna! <3

      I can't help with the tan skin question, but as for the eyes I just got a pair of 12mm dark brown glass for my Yoyo, and they fit her fine with no glaring gapping issues. The colored part is a tad bit small in Yoyo's wide eyes for my personal preferrence, but they still look nice.

    4. hiesna i have also heard that many people who have tanned skin doll have problems with them going slightly green over time, like how normal resin yellows .
      But i haven't heard anyone saying Doll-love resin has the some problem, yet i have hardly seen any tanned doll-love dolls.Sorry i can't help anymore.

      oh and here is a photo of my Angel with Ringdoll 12mm eyes, yet i know some brands eyes very in pupil and iris sizes.

    5. Here is my Ke. She is white skinned. I really like the 12 mm eyes, too. Mine have the ones that she came with, so I guess they are 14 mm.

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    6. @ImmortalDarknyss No problem :) The pleasure is mine...
      Is the eyes flat oval or circular? I found a pair of eyes that is flat oval and the size is 12mm x 17mm and the iris is 9mm... Is the iris of your eyes also 9mm? But I guess no matter what's the size of the your doll's eyes she still looks lovely :D

      @goldendiamonds Yup me too... I read that iple tan skin dolls do turn green O_O ... But I never heard any Doll love tan skin dolls owners stating that their doll turned green... *sigh* maybe because Doll love is still a new company so there still no cases of it? Hmmm... Do you have idea how long Doll love company has been running? 'Coz I made to believe myself that there is still no cases of this because the company is still new (as what other people stated)...
      Yay! I love your doll! The eyes are cute! Now you are tempting me to get a golden/yellow eyes... Just when I thought of getting a brown/hazel eyes :D hahahaha... What is the size of the iris? Is it a flat oval or circular eyes?

      @Orlanda I second you! :D

      @Fainne Yay! Your doll never failed to make me smile.... Love her wardrobe :D ... I'll be having my doll (Doll-Love Ke Tan skin) but right now she's still in custom :...( hope I will not pay exaggerating tax for her huhuhuhu... I'm broke right now :(
      You don't have any plans of changing her eyes size?
    7. i would like to share a few pictures of Hope, she is female version of Enen in yellow skin with peapod legs. she is wearing 12mm eyes yet i am going to see what 10mm looks like.

      i have also used a doll-love body with peapod legs and a doll-zone head just to see if it would work and in the end i fell in love and bought Hope.

      Oh and if i remember correctly i think Doll-love started up in 2009, but i started collecting dolls in the begining 0f 2010 so i am not sure ?
    8. My boy - Zozo . He is normal-pink.


    9. hiesna: They're Mint on Card's 12mm glass round with a little back stem (if they'll fit in the doll, round is the best way to go in my opinion; I do have one pair of flat ovals and they're great for filling up longer eye openings, but I tend to steer clear as I have a terrible time trying to position them correctly :sweat). The iris on these actually looks to be only about 8mm, so a little on the small side. 9mm would probably look a bit better I'd think.

      goldendiamonds: Those hooves really are perfect! I love your whole Doll-Love menagerie. XD

      Fainne: Ke has such a happy bubbly expression. Very cute! Your girl looks so sweet in that dress...and the fabric looks delicious! lol

      Symi: He is seriously adorable! Congrats!

      Orlanda: Go for it! I doubt you'll be disappointed. ^__^
    10. I am no good phographer, but this is Flora (Yoyo)


    11. I'm saving now for a Doll-Love yoyo she's so cute! I've a little question , what wig size has she?
    12. @Lotis Doll-Love tinies wear 6-7 inches wig :)
      hope that helps :)
    13. Yay! My doll finally arrived! :) Kekeke~ Her first photo...


      Her name is Aieshia Jasmine Montfrei... Aishmine for short! Hope you'll love her as much as I do :D
    14. @hiesna Thank you :)

      And I've another question, where can I buy shoes for her?
    15. triniarin - Flora looks like a sweetheart! <3 I love her lacy dress.

      hiesna - Pretty name! Hi, Aishmine! ^__^ Congrats! That hat is awesome, and so are her bright blue eyes.

      Lotis - These guys seem to fit standard Yo-size shoes (I was able to squeeze my girl socks-less into a pair of Bambicrony Ciao Bella boots, but as they're made for slimmer 1/6 dolls they're a tight fit around her legs).
    16. If she's double jointed, there will be elbow & knee pieces that separate the top and bottoms of the arms and legs...if that makes sense. :sweat Basically each arm will have a top half, elbow joint piece, and a bottom half. Same thing with the leg: there's the thigh, the knee joint piece, and the calf. On a single jointed doll, the elbow is kind of sculpted onto the bottom half of the arm, and the knee to the bottom of the leg.
    17. Hi, I have a question. Actually, I had two but you guys already answered the 14mm vs 12mm question for me already. ^_^ My other question is: what size clothes fit them?

      My sister just ordered herself a YoYo, this is the first doll that she buys herself, and I want to have something nice waiting for her to wear when she gets here. Can you guys tell me what clothes fit best?

      Thanks in advance!
    18. ShadowMist It depends if she got the old body (21 cm) or the new body (26 cm) I had the old body and boy it was a pain to shop for so I had my friend hand sew my dresses. I think maybe blythe clothing may fit them but I don't know for sure since they never replied to my email D:! I know for sure though that if you pay attention to the measurements some blythe shoes fit them well. Though if it's 26cm your in luck because that's a normal yo-sd size and very easy to get clothes for. Just search for yo-sd clothing and you'll find that they will likely fit. I know that luts honey delf clothes fits, as well as fairyland's littlefee clothes fit too. A little research on yo-sd sized clothing and you'll find that theres a lot out there! You just gotta look.

      Anywho this is my Magdalena and I just got her the new 26cm body. I sold the 21cm body because I wanted her to be bigger. ^^;
      This is the most normal picture I have of her and it's her old body. Sorry it's so big! Once she gets a new face up I'll give pictures of the new body.

      By the way I am so happy there's finally a thread for these cuties!!! And I can't wait to see your Ke hiesna !
    19. WiseOne: Magdalena is such a pretty name, I love it! She looks rather saintly there in all the lace.

      ShadowMist: Congrats to your sister! Yoyo is a great choice if I do say so myself. ;) It's likely she'll be on the newer body (I think Yoyo & Zozo were introduced at the same time or just after the larger body came out) so as WiseOne said, you should be fine with standard Yo-sized clothing. So far I've mostly sewn my girl's clothing (I'm finding it's fun designing stuff for her size...& her personality XD), but the rolled up jeans she's wearing in the below pic are LTF-size and they fit nicely.

      I recently got Sugar a wig from Jpopdolls (6/7 Kanalong in Dusty Tears...the bangs were a bit long so I trimmed them) and today I made her a new top. The inspiration: delicious buttery popcorn! :3

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    20. Just placed an order for my twin Enens <3 (or Ann as they are known on the English website :3) and I have a few questions:

      1) Still tryin to decide eye sizes... Can anyone provide pictures of him in both?
      2) Posability of the new 27cm body- reviews?
      3) Wig sizes? :3

      I love you all! :D