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Dollmaster movie

Aug 23, 2004

    1. Customhouse's movie Dollmaster seems so cool but the website is driving me INSANE! Can anyone help me?

      Does anyone have the full list of items you need to collect to get the bonus movies in the cupboard?

      And has anyone found the code for the staircase mystery?

      GAH! :cry: :? Im so confuzzled!

      Most of you reading this probably have no idea hwat im going on about, but http://mydolling4.co.kr is the site.


      -A very near hysterical Annie
    2. Okay nevermind, I just solved it! ^^;

      So for anyone who plays the scavenger hunt, here's where to get the stuffs:

      Play ALL three games in the 'Special Contents Room' and you should receive a hairbrush and two sets of shoes (one gosurori pair, the other a pair of sneakers)

      In the director and staff, keep clicking the polaroids on the bottom, adn you should receive one.

      In the multimedia room click all the sections and absolutely ALL the options and you should receive a cracked glass mirror

      I think that's it! You should in your cupboard, have two new yellow squares. One is a new flash movie, and the other is this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v380/Warui-chan/Polaroid.jpg

      Which i cannot translate. ><

      Hope that helps to anyone who's nutting it out. Now...anyone cracked the staircase mysetery yet? ><
    3. On the mess. board of domu-net, there is a post about a Korean Dollfies that come to life and kill !!

      The website is: http://www.mydolling4.co.kr/

      I can't read Korean, so does anyone know the English translation of the title of this movie ??
      I want to buy the DVD when it comes out, but I need to know the movie title. Any help with more info about this film would be appreciated.
    4. I think the english title is "Dollmaster". CH Ai Saint Mina and Saint Demian are the dolls that were used.

      I tried to check the films website, but the flash-animation freaked me out and gave me bad dreams and creepy mental images.... Some of that might have been from watching the various versions of The Ring also, but the Dollmaster flash animation got me. I also hate those gif images that people send you links about and you stare at for a while and then something unexpected or creepy suddenly happens. But anyway... I'm ranting :cow

      - Therese
    5. :o
      I would say "yay, horror movie!" but I'd like to be able to enjoy my doll when he arrives, not keep looking at him out of the corner of my eye because I think he's going to stab me to death in my sleep. *_*
    6. I hate horror movies...I couldn't look at that site for more than a minute or two, despite the nifty concept and CustomHouse's starring role. =^^=;;;

      That said, just to be clear... Only Volks makes Super Dollfie (Volks Dollfie are plastic 1/6 scale dolls); Korean dolls such as CustomHouse's Ai dolls are not "Dollfie". Just like all tissues are not "Kleenex". =^^=;;; I think the last discussion came up with "BJD" (ball-jointed dolls) as the most accurate term to use for the dolls we talk about here. =^^=
    7. Im in love with that film. :oops:

      Anyway, the film is about 3 girls (the ones on the poster before you open up the flash site) and they go to this place where they make dolls that look like you. Coincedence that teh place looks like a creepy mansion? methinx not. ><;

      Uhm... if you'd like, i can send you the trailers via msn, OR you can get them from the site itself. First, tug the hand menu down, and find 'Multimedia' (just wave your mouse over the slits on the arm) then, once you go to a screen where there's a broken Mina, a mirror and Korean symbols to the right, click the very first one. (They're the trailers)

      Also, the bottom most symbol will bring up wallpapers, (in the form of scattered polaroids) and the second last one will bring up photos.

      If you want the secret trailer (that shows you the relationship between the child Mina and her doll St. Mina) you'll have to find all the items for the cupboard by:

      Playing ALL three games in the 'Special Contents Room' (drag a Mina head onto the poor headless doll and then follow the instructions which are in English). you should receive a hairbrush and two sets of shoes (one gosurori pair, the other a pair of sneakers)

      In the 'Director and staff', keep clicking the polaroids scattered on the floor, and you should receive one.

      In the 'Multimedia' room click all the sections and absolutely ALL the options and you should receive a cracked glass mirror

      I think that's it! You should in your cupboard, have two new yellow squares. One is a new flash movie, and the other is an entry form for the lucky duckies in Korea.

      Hope that helps! I adore the layout of that site. Its amazing! XD (ive also succeeded in giving my friend nightmares over the trailers. Mweeheeeheeee! X3 )

      -Annie (sorry for the extremely long post but i hope it helps!)
    8. Does anyone know how to use the stairs?? I'm still trying, but I have no idea what to do!! *_*

      HELP ME!!! :cry:

      PS I have a Saint Mina, but she doesn't look like a murderer :grin:

    9. Meep which doll have you ordered?

      Sabriell, i've been so LOST about those stairs for AGES. :?

      Liria translated the Korean at the bottom and it said something like 'enter the 6 digit code' that you either have found or has been given to you after doing stuffs.

      Man. It's the ONLY room i haven't figured out yet, and I think someone on this forum HAS but she did it by clicking randomly. :|

      Well im off to try again. *_*


      PS *gasp* Eh gads! You have a Mina? :cry: im in love with her! (whoa. did that sound bad or what? *lol*) She's so beautiful but i know i'll never own her cuz by the time i've saved enough she'll be gone.. :cry: :cry: :cry:
    10. Yes Saint Mina is very VERY beautiful!!! :D She has this aura around her that is soooo mysterious :love

      Even when she looks at you, it's like she doesn't see you, she's in her own little place.

      *hugs Hana*
    11. Does anyone know when it might come to North America, and if there's a subtitled version for purchase somewhere? ;_; *has a fondness for asian horror movies*
    12. YaY! Dollmaster!

      I really hope there's eventually some way to get this film in the US, but I'm not holding out much hope. I'll probably just order it from Korea when it comes out on DVD. Heh, language barrier be damned! I love scary movies and I must see the one with my Mina in it. It looks so good!
    13. I know this is off topic, but it's still related to BJD so I thought I would share! ^_^

      I just finished watching the Korean movie Doll Master, aka Inhyeongsa if you want to find it and download it from the web.

      I won't spoilt the movie for you unless you want me too (and then we have to mark a spoiler warning on this topic) but I will say one thing: you will look at your BJD in a new light! But a good one so don't worry. ^_~

      The movie is well done, move fast but not too fast and we get to see plenty of BJD. The end almost made me cry. ;_; Also one of my favorite scenes is in the beginning, when we see 3 full shelves of CH AI BJD. @_@ The dream/heaven of every BJD lover...

      There is blood but nothing the younger ones here and their little ones can't watch (I mean that unless you are very sensitive to this kind of things everyone can watch, at least I think).

      Oh and watch this movie like I did, with my favorite BJD (Sariel) on my knees and all lights out! Better watch it past midnight too.

      Here, just thought I should share. ^.^ Now if anyone else saw this movie we can discuss it here!
    14. The link is posted in another thread, but I'm just bummed 'cause I can't view it on my computer... Must be a mac thing... :crushed
    15. Actually it isn't, the link to the Doll Master site hasn't been working for the last week. I don't know why... >_>
    16. Where did you download the film from? I eagerly looked everywhere and I can't find it under either title. :/ Is there a torrent link, of did you find it some other way?
    17. I found it on emule.


      Just go on that site, click on the English flag and download their programme. It's like a shareware, meaning you actually download directly from other people's computers.

      It's free as far as I know and very effective. You can find everything from music to subtitles to movies. You can find both the movies and subtitles here. Just make a research for doll master or inhyeongsa once you are registered. It also means you have to make a file where you put stuff you have to share for other people to download.

      But it's nothing and really worth it. Just make sure you have lot of space and read the FAQ in the "Help and Support" section. ^_^ Here is the direct link to download their programme :


      Hope this help!
    18. it it subtittled or just korean?
    19. It's in Korean only but if you download it from Emule, when you type in your search it will automatically show you the movie (.avi file) and the subtitles that went with it (.srt file).

      You just have to download the two together in the same folder and keep the SAME name for both movie and subtitles files. Then when you play it on BSPlayer it will automatically shows the subtitles.

      Tell me if you need anything else. ^_^
    20. Sounds scary. I'm torn between begging Max to download it for me, and not watching it. I don't want to end up afraid of my dolls. :o