Event DollMix: Black Friday deals

Nov 23, 2016

    1. [​IMG]
      In-Stock items have 25% off, selected companies have 15-25% off dolls/accessories. All discounts will be visible in categories (for the list of participating companies check our Events category). If you do not see a discount, but your order qualifies for it - please let us know, so we could recalculate. For free shipping or make-up or any other gift to replace the discount - please send us a note in the comment or via email form, we will recalculate the sum. If you can't find the product, which exists at company's website, please send us a link and we will add the product to our website!

      No layaway is available. Order has to be placed no later than November 25 and confirmed and paid by November 28. Shipping to be calculated separately.
      Free shipping method will depend on order total value and weight. All parcels will be trackable. Free shipping or free make-up cannot be selected along with any other discount.
      Orders with Black Friday deals will qualify for the events with gifts from the companies. However, no discount can be combined (from event, coupon or special offer).
      Free make-up can be ordered with a full doll only!
    2. Can you tell me which country you are shipping from???
    3. Hi ~ and sorry for the late response.
      The stock ships from Canada and/or Russia.
      The dolls are shipped either from China or Korea - that depends on the doll's country of origin and it's cheaper than to have it sent to us first, as Canadian shipping fees are crazy.