Event DollMix :: Fall special offers

Sep 7, 2017

    1. SPECIAL OFFERS (September 05 - November 30):
      А. Price match! If you found special offer regarding dolls discounts at other dealers websites, you can send us a proof link to the offer/event page so we could apply the same deal on your order*.
      B. Dolls with make-up will get one free wig or one pair of eyes of suitable sizes from the same company that produces doll. If company doesn't produce wigs or eyes, an option can be discussed.
      C. Till September 30 only: FREE worldwide shipping for all in-stock dolls and fullsets (air-mail only).
      D. 10% off any Halloween style dolls. Animal dolls and pets cannot participate.
      E. Special prices for dolls shipping: 70+ - $49, 1/3 - $39, 1/4 - $29, 1/6 or smaller - $24 (only for orders with layaway for 3 months or less).

      Companies that do not participate in the offers above: Akagi Doll, Angell Studio, LUTS.
      You may only choose one - A, B, C, D or E offer. These offers cannot be combined with any other store offer, coupon, discount and/or event. If you want to combine these offers with any company's event, please check with us prior to placing your order. The stated discount is provided when you pay with PayPal is USD or CAD and may vary for other currencies. Not applicable with layaway for over 3 months. Any of these events may be terminated without any prior notice. If you didn't specify any special offer in your order notes, we will provide one randomly.

      * Only official dealers offers participate. Not applicable for coupons or codes, only discount offers published on websites. All options of original offer should be considered. We will not provide in-stock offers on preorder dolls and vice verse. Some restrictions regarding eBay sales, delivery or shipping offers may apply.
      ** All prices are shown in USD.
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