Event DollMix: Gift Calendar

Nov 30, 2016

    1. As Christmas is coming, we decided to send a small gift of acknowledgement to our customers.
      We prepared desktop calendars with images by Dollzone, Doll Chateau, LUTS, Loongsoul and Charm Doll (we would like to thank the companies, who kindly allowed us to use the promotional images in this calendar).
      From December 1, 2016 every customer, who places order at www.dollmix.com with total value of $200 for in-stock products or $300 for pre-order products will receive this calendar. The sums are shown in USD, after discounts (companies' or store) and will not include shipping fees and taxes for the order.
      The calendar will be shipped in 2-5 business days after you complete (the first) payment for the order (layaway for this event cannot exceed 3 months). It will be shipped separately from the main order.
      This calendar is not for sale and is limited in quantity. The event will be over when we are out of calendars.

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