Event DollMix: In-stock sale + FREE shipping

May 24, 2017

    1. Dear all,

      From May 24 to June 10 we are holding an event:
      - prices are reduced for most of the in-stock items
      - shipping is FREE* for any in-stock item


      *FREE shipping will be provided for the parcels shipped with surface/air small packages with tracking.
      For courier/priority mail free shipping cannot be provided (if you need your item to be delivered via courier mail/priority mail, you will be advised of a shipping fee - no special shipping prices can be applied). If item cannot be shipped to your country/region via air mail or surface mail with tracker, a store credit could be provided for 50% of the amount you will have to pay for the priority/courier shipping.

      All sales are final.
      Items to be shipped from Canada and Russia. You may check with our sales team if there is no information in item's description of the country it is to be shipped from.
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    2. @Lucky 8 What items have reduced prices? I was looking, but most things seem to just have a base price (with no info about what the sale is).
    3. We just reduced price for most of the in-stock dolls and accessories, comparing to what they were before. We decided not to make it with traditional crossed-out old price and red highlight of new prices, as we are thinking to keep it for a while and didn't determine the end date for reduced prices so far. As of now we are also more concentrated on free shipping.
      For example: Doll Leaves small dolls with custom make-up were $180, now they are $150 each. Dollzone mini Raphael was $165, now it's $150. Loongsoul steampunk set was $195, now it is $175, masks were $70 (without painting) and $93 (with), now they are $39 and $69 accordingly.
      As you suggest that old prices and new prices together will look more beneficial, we just made some changes on the website :)
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