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Dollmore 12inches Kidult Doll - Melissa hon

Oct 29, 2009

    1. I was searching around here, and I did not find anything about her at all!!!!
      So i tough it was time for her to get a tread, although she has been on sale for some weeks already.

      her link:

      my opinion about her is that i cant decide if i like her or if i think she is really ugly, I think that the reason why i felt a bit for her is that she is so tiny. I think that is kind of cool, and she also has a very realistic looking face... i am absolutely a bit hang up by her.
      she is pretty, but i dont think the faceup on her mouth is so good.....
      am I the only one here that feels this way???
      I was kind of hoping someone was going to get her so i culd see some owner pics....

    2. I'm pretty sure she's off-topic, but she is very pretty!
    3. I'm sorry, but all of the Dollmore FBJD are off-topic for DoA because they are fashion dolls and do not fit the focus of our forum.