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Dollmore 43cm kid pants on Dollzone 45cm kids?

Jan 16, 2009

    1. I'm not 100% sure, but guess this is the right place to make questions.

      I was wondering if long pants bought on Dollmore wouldn't fit very well Dollzone 1/4 (since DZ 1/4 are 2cm taller i guess, then the pants would be showing off their ankle region).

      Just a simple question :) Thank you~
    2. I'm hoping a pair of Dollmore pants will fit my AoD MSD... the measurements on the websites were about the same. Wang Zi is 45 cm tall and about half a cm wider in the hips but Dollmore said the pants were stretchy, so here's hoping.

      I let you know what I find out when the clothes get here. ( I already have a DZ, so we''l do some trying on)
    3. @toshirodragon~ Yes, Dollzone and AoD are like, twin companies? o_O
      Thanks for your help, i will wait :)
    4. I got my Dollmore order today...

      The pants on my 45 cm AoD, a little ankle shows but in high tops or cool socks it'd never be noticeable.


      I havent put the pants on my DZ boy ....If you want me to try it let me know!
    5. Standing proud in the boyfriend's high tops!


      Perhaps a bigger issue: I have to slid the pants up very high for him to sit without popping the snap. I suspect that the DZ will have the same problem, I just haven't investigated any further.
    6. I had a DZ boy doll, and presently have a Dollmore boy. I can tell you that the DZ pants are very long on my DM boy. I would imagine Dollmore pants would be way too short.

      I had a lot of luck buying longer pants from "Diverse Designs-- Lord Sess" here on the DOA market place. You might want to check them out!