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[Dollmore]5.7inch Elf Elly Dolls~!!^^

Jan 3, 2006

    1. email from dollmore:

      "hi~ my customer.^^

      Let me introduce a handheld Elf Elly Girl and Boy - Banji.^^

      Even though Banji is 5.7 inch in height, Banji has the delicate hands, feet and joints.^^

      Moreover, Banji\'s body lines and big eyes are so lovely and cute.^^

      << organization >>

      - Normal cream tone Head (make-up)
      - assembled Normal cream tone body
      - 6mm acryl eyes
      - mohair wig
      - box, 2 cushions, warranty

      << Banji\'s Body Size >>

      - Height : 5.7inch
      - Head : 3inch
      - Bust : 2.4inch
      - Waist : 2.4inch
      - Hip : 3inch
      - Foot : 2cm

      [photos here]

      hope your lots of interests.^^

      Happy New Year~! :D

      Dollmore Jee."

      Elf Elly Boy - Banji (Violet Hair)
      Elf Elly Girl - Banji (White Hair)

      lovely! :D
    2. They do have a jointed torso you can see that in the boy picture.


    3. wow cute... although where the heck do you find clothes for a doll so small?
    4. Well I always hope this size can fit pocket fairy clothing though pocket fairy would probly be shorter and fatter. I think some things would fit. For me thats always the challenge with the little ones, unless its pocket fairy who seems to have a big section on Yahoo Japan with lots of very cute clothing!
    5. I'm thinking the 5" Licca clothes as well as Petite Blythe clothes would fit.... Maybe petite blythe is too skinny, maybe some elfdoll/lil' bratz stuff. I have been thinking about this all day O_o
    6. Measurements:

      Blythe: 4.17-2.76-3.89 (in inch) or 106-70-99 (in mm).
      Petite Blythe 1.77-1.18-16.5 (in inch) or 45-30-42 (in mm)

      - Height : 5.7inch
      - Head : 3inch
      - Bust : 2.4inch
      - Waist : 2.4inch
      - Hip : 3inch
      - Foot : 2cm

      Looks like Petite Blythe is too small, Blythe too big. I could not find mini licca measurements but maybe she is Kelly size.

    7. At 2cm in the foot, Banji should be able to fit in the stretchier Kelly shoes and Tommy shoes. Blythe shoes are about 2.5cm, which would be pretty big. Here's how they compare to Elfs:

      Elf Doll: w/mature figure (from the measurements thread, I converted them to inches)
      Height: 14cm (5.5 inch)
      Head: 9 cm (3.5 inch)
      Bust: 6 cm (2.4 inch)
      Waist: 5 cm (2 inch)
      Hip: 7 cm (2.8 inch)
      Arm length (shoulder to wrist): 3.3cm (1.3 inch)
      Arms both extended straight across to finger tips: 11 cm (4.3 inch)
      Wrist: 2 cm (0.8 inch)
      Thigh: 4 cm (1.6 inch)
      Leg length (hip to ankle): 7 cm (2.8 inch)
      Ankle: 2 cm (0.8 inch)
      Foot: 1.8 cm (0.7 inch)
      Collarbone to waist length: 2 cm (0.8 inch)
      Collarbone to hip length: 4 cm (1.6 inch)
      Collarbone to ankle length: 10 cm (3.9 inch)

      Looks like tops would be fine, bottoms would need to be a tad loose, especially in the waist.